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Commercial combined insurance

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Business commercial combined insurance policies

Commercial combined cover is effectively a bespoke insurance policy for your business.

What is commercial combined insurance?

Commercial combined insurance, also referred to as bespoke insurance, is a term used to describe a business insurance package that includes a number of different policies tailored to a business’s unique circumstances, such as a commercial shop insurance package. This is in direct contrast to taking out several individual insurance policies separately, or a one-size-fits-all package, as a commercial combined package includes different types of cover within the same package.

Why should I get commercial combined insurance?

No two businesses are exactly the same, so it stands to reason that your insurance requirements are likely to be different. Even if two businesses are in the same industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will have the same insurance needs.

Essentially, with commercial combined cover, you can ensure that you aren’t missing out any types of cover that are important to your individual business. You can also avoid potentially taking out any policies or specific levels of cover that are irrelevant to the risks your business is exposed to. It’s possible that a non-tailored insurance package could include certain policies by default, based solely on your business type or industry, but not on your business’s particular circumstances.

For example, if your business employs several members of staff, all of which are your family members, you may not legally require an employers’ liability policy. In contrast, a similar business employing non-family members will almost certainly need to have this cover in place. With one-size-fits-all insurance in place, you may be paying for policies you don’t need. But, by having a bespoke commercial combined package, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and only pay for the cover that’s right for you.

Having all of your insurance policies included in one combined business insurance package may also make it easier to organise and manage your business insurance, as you will only have one renewal date, rather than potentially having several to keep track of.

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