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Commercial Combined Insurance

Commercial Combined Insurance


What is commercial combined insurance?

Commercial combined cover is an insurance policy for businesses. If you’re a wholesaler, engineers or manufacturer, you’ll rely on tools, equipment, staff and customers to keep your business running. With all of this comes risk, so it’s essential that you have the right financial protection in place to protect your organisation against accidents.

Why do I need commercial combined insurance?

Having commercial combined cover is useful for small businesses because:

  • You can merge your covers into one manageable insurance package
  • You can tailor the insurance to suit your business needs
  • It minimises disruption to your business.

What does commercial combined insurance cover?

With commercial combined insurance, you’ll be covered for everything from damage to your building, to a customer claiming for illness or injury. This insurance package can be adapted to suit the needs of your business. Here are examples of situations where you could be covered:

* Damage, loss or theft of stock * Accidental damage to computers * Contents of your delivery vans * Commercial legal expenses * Engineering covers

Make sure to check your policy to understand everything that you’re covered for.

Which policies does commercial combined insurance include?

A combined insurance package allows you to avoid taking out policies that aren’t suited to the individual needs of your business. This makes it more cost-effective and manageable. A typical commercial combined insurance package would include:

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