Insurance for cleaners

Take a look at our quick guide to insurance for cleaners to see what cover could benefit you and your business.

Strictly speaking, cleaning insurance is not actually a type of business insurance, but a term used to refer to a collection of covers that could be beneficial to cleaners both commercial and domestic. It’s likely that your cleaning business’s circumstances will be different to the next, so it’s important for you to take out a policy that’s relevant to your business, and protects against the risks most pertinent to you.

Do cleaners need insurance?

Whether you run a large cleaning company, or independently offer housekeeping services as a self employed cleaner, there’s a good chance you’ll want to consider taking out cleaning insurance, in case an unfortunate event should occur during the course of your work.

Some of the forms of cover you may want to consider including in your cleaners insurance package are:

  • Public liability insurance:
    Public liability insurance for cleaners can provide cover if a member of the public suffers injury or property damage as a direct result of your work. For instance, if you fail to put a warning sign in place after mopping the floor in an office, someone could accidentally slip as a result. Should this occur, you could be held liable for their injuries, and may have to pay compensation. Or, it could be that you accidentally damage an expensive piece of electronic equipment in a client’s home. In this case, it’s likely that you would be responsible for paying to repair or replace the item.

    A successful claim on a public liability policy could provide you with the financial assistance you require to resolve these issues. However, there are some circumstances that your public liability policy may not cover - such as damage caused through the use of chemicals or cleaning products. What is covered by your policy is determined by the wording, which is why it's important to not just go for a cheap public liability insurance policy, but one that offers comprehensive cover. 
  • Employers' liability insurance:
    Most businesses are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance in place if they employ staff, including contractors, casual workers or temporary workers. If a member of your staff suffers injury or illness as a direct result of their work, you could be held liable. In the event of a claim, employers’ liability insurance can provide you with financial assistance for legal fees and compensation. For more information on business liability insurance, click the link.
  • Buildings insurance:
    If your cleaning business is based in an office or depot, then you may want to consider taking out a buildings insurance policy. This policy protects the physical structure of your business building(s) against damage, such as that caused by a flood or fire.
  • Tools and equipment:
    Protection for portable equipment and tools can be included as part of your business contents insurance policy. As a cleaner, there’s a good chance that you use specialist tools or cleaning equipment to carry out your work, for example a floor buffer, carpet cleaner, or an industrial vacuum. You may want to consider insuring these items against damage, loss or theft, particularly if they are integral to the service you provide.
  • Business interruption insurance:
    If your business is unable to operate at full capacity for reasons outside of your control, then business interruption insurance could protect you against resulting financial loss. For example, if there is a delay in delivery of essential cleaning products due to a fault on your supplier’s behalf, then you may be unable to carry out your work. This could have a number of negative repercussions, including loss of income for your business. In this situation, a business interruption policy could reimburse you for these losses.

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