Care home insurance

Take a look at our guide to care home insurance and the covers you could benefit from.

If you are responsible for ensuring a care home has protection in the form of insurance cover, you’ll be well aware that the wellbeing of both your staff and patients is paramount to the safety and reputation of your business. Given the range of risks involved with being responsible for the care of others, there’s a good chance you’ll want to make sure you have adequate care home insurance in place for any and every eventuality that you may be faced with.

What is insurance for care homes?

Strictly speaking, care home insurance isn’t a type of policy in itself, but rather a bespoke collection of covers that create a complete package of cover to protect against the risks associated with running a care home. This could include anything from property damage to theft, medical malpractice, or even personal injury to staff or patients.

As such, it’s important that you take the time to assess all the risks involved with the running your care home, and make sure that you’re covered appropriately.

What types of cover does a care home need?

Although running a care home means you’ll most likely need specialist cover in place – for instance, a policy that's tailored to your property and the types of patients you care for – there’s a good chance that your care home’s insurance will be built to protect against a core set of risks. These threats are highly likely to be pertinent to any care home, and can include:

  • Injury to members of the public – including those that you care for, as well as visitors
  • Injury to your staff members – if you have employees you'll be legally required to purchase employers' liability insurance
  • Damage or theft of contents – cover can be tailored to protect specialist equipment, as well as stock that you may keep on premises. Equipment breakdown cover can also be a valuable form of protection, for instance if your boiler breaks down.
  • Damage to your premises – malicious and accidental damage, as well as that caused by extreme weather can be included in your policy
  • Inability to operate – your business could suffer revenue loss or be unable to care for your patients, due to interruptions outside of your control, such as fire. This cover is called business interruption insurance and could prove invaluable in such situations.
  • Medical malpractice - this can be especially important if you or your staff administer any form of medication to patients
  • Legal expenses – if you need to defend against a claim that’s brought against you, legal expenses cover could provide valuable financial assistance.

Remember that the above list is in no way exhaustive, and there may be a number of other risks that you may want your care home insurance to protect against.

The cost of care home insurance

 The key is to find the right cover – rather than focussing on cost – so that your care home is fully protected against the risks that threaten it. You'll also want to ensure that the protection comes at an affordable price. One good way to ensure that you are paying the right price is to use the services of an insurance broker. Care homes are a specialist risk in insurers’ eyes, and a broker will be to work with insurers directly who specialise in care home risks so that you get the right care home insurance cover at a price that is affordable.

Care homes insurance quotes

As there are so many variables involved in insurance for care homes, the best way to get the right cover for your business is to purchase a bespoke insurance policy, tailored to your care home’s exact needs.

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