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What is cafe insurance?

Cafe insurance protects your business against financial losses in case of an accident or even if your cafe is forced to close. Whether you own a cafe, coffee shop or bistro, you’ll need commercial insurance in place to protect your company against risks and claims.

Do I need cafe insurance?

As a cafe owner, you’re responsible for the safety and service of every customer that visits your premises. So, if they were to become ill or injured due to the negligence of your business, you would be held liable. In this case, your insurance would cover any compensation costs or legal fees related to the claim.

Which type of coffee shop insurance do I need?

Whether you work on your own or employ staff, you’ll need quality business insurance to protect your cafe against risks and claims. Here are a few examples of the cover might need:

How much does cafe insurance cost?

The cost of your policy could depend on a range of things:

  • Where you cafe is located: Insurers will use a postcode rating to assess the risk of threats such as theft, flooding and subsidence.
  • The levels of coveryou take out: The more you take out and invest in the safety of your business, the more it’ll be protected.
  • The size of your cafe: A bigger business means more stock, staff, and contents, which means more potential risks and higher insurance claims.

What does cafe insurance cover?

You can take out a range of different policies to protect your cafe from financial losses. With the right insurance, small businesses can be covered for:

Additional policy extensions can be added, if you need protection that is more specific to your business’s needs.

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