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Contents insurance for businesses

Contents insurance can prove vital for many businesses, but have you got appropriate cover?

Practically every business will rely on a number of different items in order to operate day-to-day – whether it’s the furniture in a cafe or restaurant, or machinery for a manufacturer, or electronic equipment in an office – and there’s good chance that your business relies on certain items too. If something were to happen to these essential contents – for instance if your premises was burgled – would your business be able to cope?

Well, that’s where business contents insurance can help.

What is business contents insurance?

Contents insurance for business is a type of cover that can provide protection for the physical items belonging to your company. Typically, it protects against two key threats that may affect your business’s contents - damage and theft.

  • Damage
    Damage or loss of function of your business’s contents is almost always a potential threat to the successful running of your business, no matter what industry you operate in. A business contents insurance policy can provide financial reimbursement for items damaged or destroyed by unforeseen incidents, such as
    fire or flood, as well as malicious or accidental damage.
  • Theft
    Some types of theft are typically covered in contents insurance policies as standard, for example shoplifting committed by a member of the public. However, you may need to specifically extend your policy if you wish to include more specialised instances of theft, such as theft committed by an employee, or theft occurring whilst in transit.

It's important to remember that your specific needs when it comes to protecting your firm's contents will always differ when compared to other businesses. Typically this is taken into account by your insurer when creating an insurance package for your business. For example small business shop insurance package may require additional cover for stock due to the impact that damaged or stolen stock would have on their business due to its size. 

What does contents insurance for business cover?

Business contents cover can be customised to provide cover for all the items in your business that you think need protecting. These might include:

Some of these may be covered as standard within your contents insurance and others may need to be specifically covered with extensions to the policy, which is why it's important to thoroughly compare business contents policies, to get the best deal possible.

It’s important to note that business contents insurance may only provide protection for contents that the business itself owns, and not that of its employees. Additionally, the property of members of the public would also not be covered – this would fall under a public liability insurance policy. In addition, the structure of your premises will not be covered under this policy, this will require commercial property buildings insurance.

Click the link for a commercial property insurance quote.

Types of contents insurance for businesses

There are two types of contents insurance that you could take out for your business: ‘indemnity’ and ‘new for old’.

  • Indemnity contents insurance offers exact replacements for stolen or damaged items. So, for example, a damaged cash register in a shop would be replaced with one of the exact same make and model, even if it is outdated.
  • New for old contents insurance provides brand new replacements for damaged or stolen items, and so may be the preferable option for most businesses.

For more information on specific types of contents insurance, for example items within an office, visit our office contents insurance page. 

How much is business contents insurance?

Because every business is different – and will have different contents that they want to protect – it’s not really possible to give an accurate price for commercial contents cover without an individual analysis of the business in question.

There are a number of things that could influence the price that you pay for your business contents cover, including:

  • The breadth of the protection you choose
  • Any extensions you include in the cover
  • The industry your business operates within
  • The value of the contents you want to protect
  • Your past claims history.

Consider the following example: a shop owner decides only to take out basic contents cover to protect the furniture and displays in the shop, as well as a stock insurance extension to cover goods. A manufacturer, on the other hand, takes out much more comprehensive protection which covers stock, goods in transit, and all the specialist equipment and machinery his business uses. It stands to reason that the manufacturer’s contents insurance could cost substantially more than the shop owner’s, as the cover is much more extensive, and the insured contents would be more expensive to replace or repair.

For more information on other types of contents insurance, such as business office insurance, click the link. 

Business contents insurance online quote

To find out if contents insurance could benefit your business – and to get a no obligation quote – call Make It Cheaper on 0800 144 4808. Our business insurance advisors can help you to choose the forms of insurance best for protecting your business, and build a bespoke insurance package tailored to your needs. They can even advise you no other aspects of your insurance cover, such as business premises insurance. For more information, call today for your business contents insurance quote.

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