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What is business insurance?

Business insurance is a package of cover designed to protect your business against any losses or damage. The type of business insurance policy you need will depend upon the size and nature of your business, and should always be tailored to suit the specific needs and budget of your business.

So whether you’re after small business insurance or protection for a larger company, the types of cover you include will largely depend on what you consider to be the biggest risks to trading and how much you want to prioritise guarding against these risks.

The types of risk you might want to protect against include, but aren’t limited to:

How to get the right business insurance

Identifying every risk your business is exposed to can be a thankless, if not impossible, task. And the amount of different policies on offer mean it can be just as difficult working out which ones will provide the cover you're looking for – that’s where Make It Cheaper comes in.

Our team of expert brokers will find a policy that reflects the needs and budget of your business, as well as your own attitude to risk – we don’t just look to find the cheapest deal, we aim to find the most complete cover at the best price, to put a smile on the face of every British businesses.

How We Find The Right Insurance For Your Business

We talk

You tell us about your business and together we identify your insurance needs.

We search

Our expert brokers find a new quote and break down the price so there are no hidden costs.

You save

We set up your cover and run through the policy wording to ensure the process is as easy for you as possible.

What are the different types of business insurance?

While it’s important to tailor your insurance package to protect against the biggest risks faced by your business, it’s also worth knowing the most common types of cover included in commercial and corporate insurance policies.

Below is a list of examples of the types of cover that make it into most policies, along with a brief summary of the risks they protect against. Bear in mind that there may be other things that your business requires additional cover for. Click the links for more information on each.

Policy name Risks covered
Buildings insurance Damage to buildings or fixtures and fittings
Contents insurance Damage or loss of assets or stock
Employers' liability Causing illness or injury to staff
Public liability insurance Causing injury or illness to customers or damage to customers' property
Professional indemnity insurance Defending legal action arising from negligence, error or providing bad advice
Business interruption insurance Loss of income caused following an interruption to business operations

What is employers’ liability insurance?

Employers’ liability insurance protects your business against the cost of a claim for compensation, should any of your employees fall ill or injure themselves while at work, or as a result of carrying out work for your company.

Is employers’ liability insurance a legal requirement?

If your business has even just one employee, then you must take out employers’ liability insurance. If you don’t have a policy in place, you could be hit with a fine of up to £2,500 for every day you go without cover.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance protects your business against the cost of claims made by members of the public for any injuries or property damage or loss of property incurred as a result of your business or its employees.

Is public liability insurance a legal requirement?

Public liability insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK, but it’s strongly advised that businesses take out cover, particularly any that deal directly with the public, and certainly if they do so at their own business premises.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance protects your business against the cost of claims made by clients or customers in the event that it provided inadequate or inaccurate advice, designs, or services.

Is professional indemnity insurance a legal requirement?

Professional indemnity insurance is only a legal requirement for some professions, including solicitors, financial advisers, accountants and architects, and may also be required by some client contracts.

How to compare business insurance quotes and get the best deal

No business can afford to pay over the odds for any product or service, but the company’s bottom line shouldn’t always be the deciding factor – cutting corners to keep costs low can be a false economy, and this is certainly the case when it comes to business insurance.

If you fail to include certain types of cover to cut costs, this could leave you without protection when you need it most, which may end up costing your business more in the long run.

So, when running an insurance quote, don’t base your decision solely on price, choose the best-priced policy that most comprehensively covers the biggest risks faced by your business.

Our team of experts compare insurers to help you decide which types of cover best suit your business needs, and secure the best deal.

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Small business insurance

If you run a small business, it may be tempting to cut back on insurance cover to cut overheads, particularly if margins are tight. It’s easy to think it’ll never happen to you, but the uncomfortable truth is none of us know what’s around the corner - your hard work keeps your business going, but what if something unexpected came along and threatened to undo everything?

Like it or not, risk is something all small business owners have to consider – because sometimes shut happens [LINK] - and that's where business insurance comes in.

How to compare quotes for small business insurance

To get a tailored small business insurance quote, get in touch with our business saving experts today.

Our UK-based advisors can help you to decide which types of small business insurance are best suited to protecting your business, as well as provide you with a competitive quote for your insurance needs. Call 0800 144 4808 today.

What insurance does a small business need?

Every business has a range of assets that need protection - anything from your business premises, specialist tools and equipment, to its stock, contents, and even the employees.

Certain types of cover are required by law, but even those that aren’t may be essential to your business, so you need to determine which areas are most at risk and protect them accordingly.

Ultimately, this means there’s no definitive way of saying which types of cover your business needs, and the best policy for you will simply be one that's tailored to fit your business needs and budget - there are, however, a number of types of insurance that are commonly taken out by small business owners.

And to help get to grips with the types of cover that are most relevant to your business, we created a special tool – check out What insurance does my business need tool.

How much does small business insurance cost?

The types of cover and level of protection you choose to will ultimately determine the how much your insurance costs.

And there’s no real way of saying how much you’ll pay for your cover without considering your business’s individual requirements - the cost of a product liability policy for small businesses, for example, is likely to be less expensive than product liability cover for a multi-national firm.

Can small businesses buy insurance packages?

While larger corporations often buy individual insurance policies, small businesses can often buy packaged cover that includes various types of protection in a single policy, while still being tailored to meet the needs of your business.

A major benefit of package cover is that premiums are often cheaper because the administrative work for insurers is significantly reduced. For you as the customer it's also far simpler than purchasing - and renewing - separate policies.

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