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There’s no straightforward answer to this question. All businesses - including yours - are unique, and will therefore require different components of cover. So, there's no set price for how much business insurance costs.

This means we can't provide you with a definitive cost on this page – but we can tell you the three main factors that will affect how cheap your business insurance cover is:

  1. Legal requirements – the law may dictate that you're required to have certain policies in place, such as employers’ liability insurance, if you have employees.
  2. Your attitude to risk – do you think your business could comfortably cope with unexpected costs? Are there any in particular you want to guard against? Are you happy to foot the bill if your contents are stolen?
  3. The insurer – all businesses present a potential cost to an insurer and will have historically cost that insurer money, so their attitude to risk differs. What they know about businesses like yours generally and how well you run your business will contribute to the price they give you. This is another reason why using a broker like us, who has access to multiple insurers, with exclusive products and prices may be useful.

Let's look at these in more detail.

Legal requirements

The type of work you carry out and the setup of your business will determine whether or not you're obliged to purchase certain forms of cover.

For example, if you employ staff you'll almost certainly be legally required to purchase employers' liability insurance. Or, if you are a solicitor, you may be required by your regulating body to purchase professional indemnity insurance before you’re allowed to practice.

Your attitude to risk

Beyond cover you're obliged to have in place, you may also choose to protect your business from a number of other risks that you could be exposed to. There is quite a wide scope as far as business insurance customisation is concerned, so your attitude to the level of risk your business faces will play a large role in determining the breadth of cover that you take out - and consequently how cheap your business insurance will be. Naturally, the greater the range of cover you have in place, the more your insurance is likely to cost.

The insurer

The level of risk that insurers assign to your business will depend on its setup and operations. For instance, if you own a busy restaurant, an insurer may consider you to be at high risk of public liability claims due to the high volume of customers that pass through your doors. This could increase the overall cost of your insurance package.

Some other factors your insurer may take into consideration are:

  • The value and security of your buildings
  • The value and security of your contents, stock, or tools and equipment
  • The location of your business premises - for example, if the local area is a crime hotspot, this could increase the cost of your insurance premiums
  • The likelihood and potential severity of any hazards your business is exposed to - for example, if your business premises is located in an area that is prone to flooding, this will impact your business insurance cost.

Cheap business insurance

It's important to remember that cost isn't everything. You shouldn't look for a cheap business insurance policy, instead you should look for a business insurance policy that satisfies both your attitude to cost and risk. A cheap business insurance policy could leave you without valuable cover when you need it most, which may end up costing your business more in the long run.

To find out how much a comprehensive insurance package will cost your business, you'll need to get a quote. By using the services of a broker - such as Make It Cheaper Financial Services - you can quickly and easily run a comparison and get a competitive business insurance quote to suit your needs.

Not only can our team of insurance experts compare deals and help you to decide which forms of cover may best benefit your business, but we can also help you to get a great deal for the insurance that you do need. All it takes is a simple phone call. Speak to one of our insurance experts on 0800 144 4808 and get a quote for your business insurance needs.

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