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Every business knows the importance of being connected to the outside world, but have you ever stopped to think whether or not your phone and broadband services are suited to your needs? There are four main factors that need to be taken into account when deciding if your current deal is right for you. The first two to consider are related to your internet connection - do you have access to the speeds you need, and is your provider imposing a download limit that's compromising your operations? The next aspects to take into account relate to your phone services - do you have enough lines to manage the volume of calls your business processes, and do your charges reflect the calls you typically make? These are the questions we can help you answer. By understanding your business's operations and the current setup of your connections, we'll be able to search the market to find the deals that work best for you.

Broadband Speed

A reliable broadband connection is vital for many businesses, which is why providers give their business customers access to faster speeds than households. If you're a business owner who uses a standard domestic broadband connection, this is the reason you're advised to switch to a business-specific deal. That way, you'll avoid the traffic restrictions that households typically face during peak hours - and benefit from quicker downloads. With a faster connection and no risk of slower speeds during the busiest times of day, business broadband gives your efficiency an extra boost, leaving you smiling as you sail through the web.

Customer service

Not only do business broadband customers benefit from quicker speeds - they also enjoy a better level of service and support from their provider. The fact that connectivity is so essential to businesses means that providers will address any issues their business customers are having as a priority. Domestic users do not get the same treatment. If you're unsure what level of support you're getting from your supplier, it's always worth asking - you should be at the front of the queue if you ever have a problem.


Combining your broadband deal with your business's phone line can be an effective way to keep your costs down - and saves you worrying about two separate bills.. Many suppliers now offer combined phone and broadband bundles that help you minimise your spend, as well as giving you better visibility on how much you're spending on your connections. In some cases, you'll even be able to combine a phone and broadband package with TV deals, which is a great way to get some extras without paying over the odds.

VOIP Services

It used to be the case that people would only use the internet to browse the web, but those days are long gone - now you can make calls using your internet connection. The calls can be made using a variety of methods, such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops - providing you've got a quick internet connection, you're good to go.

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