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Multi-meter and multi-site gas and electricity management.

Multi-meter and multi-site gas and electricity management

If you run an energy-intensive business, it may mean multiple contracts, multiple suppliers and multiple contract end dates.

The more meters you have, the more contracts you need to renew or renegotiate to avoid rolling onto inflated rates. Fortunately, Make It Cheaper offers a bespoke service for high-consuming businesses to take the hassle out of this process . By assessing all your existing energy contracts and negotiating with suppliers, we're able to find you the most financially-attractive rates available.

How to keep track of multi-site meters

If you operate a multi-site business within the UK, and each site has one or more energy meters – it may be more cost effective to combine your supplies into one contract per utility.

For example, your business could have 25 sites. The ideal scenario would be to have one supplier, bill and contract end date but getting to this point can be time consuming.

Our Large Business team are experts in multi-meter and multi-site energy management, finding the best solution for your business. We take on all the hassle by doing all the legwork for you with a free, impartial and completely bespoke service, suited to the needs of your business.

How we can help manage your multi-site meters

Once we have the relevant information about your business energy, we approach the entire market of energy suppliers - including the 'Big Six'. – We source bespoke gas and electricity quote, presenting you with all your different pricing and contract options.

If you decide to go ahead - whether this means grouping a multi-meter energy supply into one package or using a range of different suppliers for different meters – we’ll take care of the administration and help you terminate your existing contracts.

We provide a named account manager who acts as your point of contact for the whole process, offering you consistency, clarity and peace of mind.

We continue to take care of your account even after your contract has begun – keeping you abreast of your contract end-dates and pro-actively keeping in touch once your next renewal window opens.

With our help, you won’t roll onto expensive out-of-contract rates and you can give the hassle of arranging your utilities over to us, to secure the best bespoke arrangement for your business.

To talk about a bespoke quote and save up to 30% on your business gas and electricity bills, call our Major Business team on 0800 970 0077.

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