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Half-hourly electricity

Half-hourly electricity

This article explains how half-hourly electricity works, how it makes your energy bills more accurate and the the impact on your business.

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What are half-hourly meters?

If your business consumes particularly high levels of electricity, it’s likely you’ll have your usage closely monitored by a specialised half hourly meter.

Half-hourly meters, as indicated by the name, submit readings to your supplier every 30 minutes, meaning you’re not having to submit readings yourself.

What are the benefits of half-hourly meters?

The regular automatic submissions mean that you’re billed as accurately as possible and are less likely to be charged incorrectly. The detail provided by the meters means you can track the impact of any energy efficiency measures you’ve introduced in a bid to reduce your consumption.

Does my business need a half hourly meter?

Half-hourly meters are mandatory for businesses with a peak demand of 100KVA or more per 30 minutes, and optional for those with a demand of 70KVA or more. Some businesses with usage at the lower-level opt for the meter because of its energy-monitoring benefits.

If you’re moving premises, always check if there’s a half-hourly meter installed by checking if there’s a “00” in the top corner next to the S (as shown below).

c-shared-wwwmiccom-media-381014-half hourly elec image

You’ll also need a Meter Operator (MOP) Agreement for the maintenance of your half-hourly meter – as well as a Data Collector (DC) who’ll process your half hourly readings.

How much does half hourly electricity cost?

Suppliers will sometimes charge high-energy consumers lower unit rates to secure their custom. However, prices do differ depending on where businesses are located in the UK, with consumption volume and the type of tariff also having an impact.

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