Energy price forecast

Below we have created a timeline of UK energy market activity to help you better understand how acitivty in the energy market will impact short and long term energy prices. If you would like to switch to avoid energy price increases our experts are on hand to advise and help you switch. Find out more below.

Nobody likes paying more than they need to. So, when you’re looking for a better deal on the energy that your business or household is using, it’s important to take into account potential utility price increases. It’s not uncommon to see energy prices increase or decrease and these fluctuations are often brought on by external geo and political events – such as trade agreements – which ultimately impact on the UK energy market.

One method used by many savvy individuals to protect themselves against potential energy price increases is to switch to a fixed rate deal. Similar to how a fixed rate mortgage protects you from rising interest rates, a fixed rate energy contract can protect you against short-term price increases in the energy market – providing you act at the right time.

To help you identify the right times to act, so you can protect your business or household from future energy price increases, we have put this page together to help catalogue activity in the energy market – such as recent energy price increases. Not only will we highlight energy market price increases on this page, but we will also look into the reasons for the energy price increases – to help give you a better understanding of the energy market and improve your chances of spotting a good deal.

Below you can find a timeline of past energy market price increases. Click the links to find out more. 

June 2016Potential energy price increases: Closure of Rough Gas Storage

The announcement of planned maintenance to Centrica’s gas storage facility which is located in the North Sea and is responsible for two-thirds of the UK’s energy storage capacity has resulted in concerns around the UK’s storage capacity in the colder months. This means more gas will have to be bought from mainland Europe and as a result we can expect to see gas prices increase.

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