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How to set up a direct debit

How To Set Up A Direct Debit


For many suppliers, direct debit is the preferred method of payment and some will even offer a discount if you choose to pay this way.

Below we have listed the suppliers who offer a discount to customers paying by Direct Debit:

  • On offer a 7% Direct Debit discount
  • EDF offer a 7% Direct Debit discount.

Aside from the discounts, there are a number of other benefits to paying for your business energy by direct debit. For example, you can fix the amount that you pay each month to avoid nasty surprises on your bill. It’s also a quick, convenient and reliable - so you never need to miss a payment. However, possibly the biggest benefit to business owners is the peace of mind that it offers.

Most suppliers offer the option to pay through Direct Debit. If you would like to change the way you pay for your business’s energy, you should arrange this directly with your supplier using the links below:

Supplier Download
British Gas Business Apply online
EDF Apply online
E.ON Direct Debit application form
Npower for business Direct Debit application form
Scottish Power Business Call 0800 040 7002 with your account number and meter readings
SSE Direct Debit application form
Opus Energy Direct Debit application form
DONG Energy Apply online
CNG Direct Debit application form
Corona Energy Direct Debit application form
Haven Power Call 03457 455 455 with your account number and meter readings
Dual Energy Direct Debit is only available method
Gazprom Direct Debit application form
Extra Energy Apply online
Crown Gas & Power Direct Debit application form

When organising a payment by direct debit, there are certain guarantees offered by your bank to help keep you protected. These guarantees include:

If your supplier makes a change to the frequency or amount you pay through your direct debit, they must first issue you with a 10-day written notification. If a mistake is made in payment, either by your bank, or by the supplier, then you will automatically be refunded the cost. Please note: If you receive a direct debit refund in error, you are legally obliged to repay the full amount.

When paying through direct debit it can help to be aware of how your usage changes throughout the year, and the impact this will have on your bill. When you pay with a fixed Direct Debit, a supplier will look to average out your payments over a year. This means that if you don’t monitor the amount that you pay, your account could easily accumulate credit or debt over time.

Please note: Energy suppliers work on the assumption that a business’s consumption habits will increase in the winter and decrease in the summer. Therefore, you should review your direct debit at least once every six months to ensure it’s sufficient for your current consumption levels.

If at any point you wish to cancel your direct debit, you should contact your supplier in writing to request the cancellation. You should receive written confirmation of your correspondence within 14-days of your supplier receiving your request.

For more information on paying your business energy bill, click the link.