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Compare cheap business gas prices

Cheap business gas

Ensuring your incomings are more than your outgoings is the golden rule for any profitable business. Keeping your company’s utility costs low is a vital part of maintaining this healthy state of affairs. One area where this is critical is the field of business gas.

Wholesale gas costs have been on the rise in recent years and overpaying on already high prices is a common predicament that many businesses find themselves in. Get control of what your business pays by making sure your company gets the cheapest business gas prices on the market.

How to get cheap business gas

To secure the cheapest business gas prices for your company, you’ll need to run a comparison and switch to the most preferential deal once you’re able to do so. Business gas consumers can only change their plan once their current contract comes into its renewal window, typically six months before its expiry.

As every business is different and has different needs, suppliers draw up bespoke quotes for each company. They take lots of things into account when creating a tailor-made plan, including location, size, credit rating and contract length. We recommend gathering a minimum of 10 quotes to be sure you find the cheapest gas supplier for business and haggling to secure the best price.

Before you hit the phones to find the cheapest business gas prices, it’ll help to know what to look for. Your business gas bill is made up of different elements but it’s the unit cost and the standing charge that will determine if you’re getting cheap business gas. The unit cost is the price your business pays for each unit (kWh) of gas it uses. The standing charge is a daily amount that covers National Grid maintenance and gas transportation.

Running a business gas comparison can be a time-consuming task that business managers struggle to schedule. The easiest way to secure cheap business gas is to use the services of an expert commercial gas broker to do the hard work for you.

A business gas broker is a specialised intermediary who works with both commercial gas suppliers and consumers. A good broker will have built professional relationships with a whole range of different suppliers and they’ll handpick a selection of cheap business gas plans for your company’s unique needs. Brokers are seasoned energy experts who can negotiate favourable deals and advise on what’s likely to be the best fit for your company.

What are the cheapest business gas rates?

As each business gas plan is bespoke, it’s very hard to know before you compare quotes what are the cheapest business gas prices available for your company. The table below should give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay. If you’re paying more, then it’s time to consider switching to a cheap business gas rate.

Business size Average annual usage Average price (per kWh) Standing charge (daily) Average annual price
Micro business 5,000 – 15,000 kWh 4.0p 32.0p £516
Small business 15,000 – 30,000 kWh 3.8p 30.0p £965
Medium business 30,000 – 50,000 kWh 3.5p 28p £1,502

Please note: These figures are based on industry averages and are only intended as a guide. Many factors impact the amount you pay for your business gas, including consumption habits and location.

There are two types of business gas contract that will give you the best value for your money, a fixed-rate tariff and a variable-rate tariff. A fixed-rate tariff locks you into an agreed rate for a set period of time, protecting you from market hikes but preventing you from taking advantage of any decreases. A variable-rate tariff carries an element of risk as it follows the market and can go up and down. In general, fixed-rate business gas tariffs are the norm but some suppliers can offer variable-rate tariffs.

Who is the cheapest business gas supplier?

As each commercial gas quote is bespoke, you’ll need to compare the quotes offered to your company to find the cheapest gas supplier for business.

Gas prices are also notoriously volatile and can be affected by many outside factors. Economic fluctuations, international conflicts and even bad weather can negatively impact gas prices. Even the cheapest gas supplier for business will react by adjusting prices upwards.

Understandably, finding the cheapest gas supplier for business will be your main concern. But to avoid running into supply problems down the line, it’s also important to choose a supplier that offers great service.

How can Make it Cheaper find cheap business gas rates?

At Make It Cheaper, we’re proud to work with a wide range of trusted business gas providers from the Big Six to independent suppliers. This means that our UK-based team of business savings experts can negotiate a range of quotes to find your business the cheapest price for its gas. We always work with live information to ensure that all quotes reflect the current state of the market. Our brokers are experts in their field who can deftly compare gas quotes to advise on what looks like the best deal for you. And if you decide to make the switch, we’ll support you each step of the way. We’ll even make sure you stay on a competitive rate by getting in contact again when your new deal is up for expiry.

We’ve already helped more than 250,000 businesses to find better gas deals. Give Make It Cheaper a call today on 0800 970 0077 to hear how we can help you pay less for your business gas too. Alternatively, leave your details at the top of the page and we’ll call you back.