New tenant to a business property

It's important to sort out your energy supply quickly when you're new to a business premises. We explain why doing nothing will cost your business money.

Here's why you need to act sharply to sort out your energy supply when you're new to a business premises...

1. You're "deemed" to be a risk.

Energy suppliers tend to put new commercial tenants on "deemed" rates - and these are typically far more expensive than the business gas and business electricity rates suppliers offer to new and engaged customers. Energy companies do this largely because it offsets the financial risk of supplying an unknown amount of energy to an unknown recipient. That risk is effectively handed over to you.

2. The numbers make grim reading.

Take a look at what you could be paying. Here are the average daily standing charges and unit rates for "deemed" rates compared with new customer rates...

Source: Make It Cheaper, December 2014
  Typical standing charge per day Typical unit rate per kWh
"Deemed" rates New customer rates "Deemed" rates New customer rates
Electricity Up to £2.40 30p Up to 25p 10p
Gas Up to £3.60 35p Up to 8p 4p

3. You're going to get hounded.

Your name will probably appear on a data list that's bought by opportunistic energy brokers. They will assume you're on deemed rates but will also assume that you don't know what this means. They'll then use this sense of urgency to try to sell you a long-term contract that will still be significantly more expensive than the cheapest ones available.

4. It's easy to fix.

Getting off deemed rates and onto a rate that suppliers offer to new customers is straightforward. One short phone call to one of Make It Cheaper's business energy consultants is all the effort you need to make. If you use our free cost-saving service, we'll run a business energy price comparison on the whole business energy market and use our expertise to find and set up a new energy contract that makes financial sense for your business.

Having just taken over my business premises I was being hounded by other companies trying every trick in the book to get me to sign up. I called you guys and signing up became a pleasure."
- Allan Brown at Prospeed Performance Ltd in Burnham-on-Crouch

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