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We Compare and you save: How it works


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You tell us about your business and the energy contract – or contracts – you are interested in switching.


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Compare business electricity prices with us

Are you a time strapped business owner looking to switch your business energy? Your business’s bottom line shouldn’t suffer. Over 250,000 businesses and counting have switched with Make It Cheaper’s quick and easy comparison service, saving them time and their businesses money.

Finding a better deal on your business’ electricity may seem complex at first. But, in truth with the help of a small business electricity broker like Make It Cheaper, you only a short phone call away from saving your business potentially hundreds of pounds on the electricity that it uses.

All our business savings experts need is a small amount of information about your business and its circumstances, all off which can be attained with a short phone call. With this information they can then return a numerous quotes for you to review in minutes, all of which have been designed with your business’s needs in mind.

Once you have your quotes, our team can even advise you on which option best suits your business’s specific needs, to ensure that you switch to the best deal for you.

What’s more, we can do the same again year after year with our unique Do It For You service that vows to keep you on the best deals each time you’re due to renew.

All about business electricity

  • Electricity is a vital part of the majority of Britain’s businesses, powering your lights, tills, ovens and computers to name but a few.
  • When looking comparing your business’s electricity you may have noticed there are differences and restrictions that exist when you come to switch.
  • Depending on the last time you switched, there’s enormous potential for businesses to save and strengthen their bottom line.

For more information, visit Ofgem's website.


How to get the best business electricity prices

Before you run a commercial electricity comparison, it’s worth making sure you know a little more about what goes in to making up your bill. Your business electricity bill will show a breakdown of costs, including things like VAT and any government imposed levies, but the two you need to pay most attention to are:

  • Standing charge – A daily cost that your business will pay regardless of how much energy it uses. The unit cost is a set cost for each unit (kWh) of energy your business uses.
  • Unit cost - A set cost for each unit (kWh) of energy your business uses.

If you want a more detailed look at what goes to make up your bill, check out our Business energy bill guide.

How much you pay as a business will differ depending on the terms of your contract - commercial energy contracts are set at a fixed rate for a fixed period of time, meaning it’s vital you get the best-priced deal for your business.

If you tie your business into an expensive tariff, you could be paying too much for your gas and electricity for the next few years. If need a bit of guidance on the business electricity prices currently available, check out the table below:

Business electricity prices and rates

Business size Average annual usage Average price (per kWh) Standing charge (daily) Average annual price
Micro business 5,000 – 15,000 kWh 13.2p - 14.5p 23p - 27p £750 - £2,500
Small business 15,000 – 30,000 kWh 12.4p - 14.1p 23p - 27p £2,000 - £4,500
Medium business 30,000 – 50,000 kWh 12.2p - 13.3p 23p - 27p £3,800 - £7,000 

When deciding which quote best suits your business, you may well opt for supplier offering the cheapest rates. But basing your decision solely on price could leave you on a cheap contract with inadequate supply and a substandard after sales care, which could end up costing you more in the long run.

Our business energy experts can help you find the best deal for your business, at the best price – give us a call now on 0800 970 077, or leave your details at the bottom of the page and we’ll give you a call back.


How to compare business electricity quotes

If you want to compare electricity quotes for your business, but you don’t have the time to collect different quotes, run a comparison and switch, you’re not alone. Fortunately Make It Cheaper can collect quotes on your behalf, help you compare the best deals and even support you each step through the switch. Meaning you precious time can be spent on growing your business.

All it take is a short phone call about your business and its needs, and our business savings experts have all the information they need to find quotes that meet your requirements. It’s that simple!

To get the most out of our quick and easy comparison service, we ask all business owners to have the following information to hand before calling:

  • A recent electricitybill
  • Your business' registration information
  • Your MPAN and MPRN numbers from your bill or meter
  • Your current contract's end date
  • The date your switching window opens

Having trouble finding all the information you need? Find out exactly where to find this information on your bill using our helpful business energy bill small print pointer.

Business electricity FAQs

How long does it take to switch?

Typically you can expect a switch to take around 6-weeks. In some cases the time to switch can be increased - for example if you're switching multiple fuels with different suppliers, or your switch is blocked for some reason.

Will switching interrupt my supply? 

No. Both your current and new supplier should work together to organise a date that your supply is transferred, meaning your supply remains unaffected. 

What contract types are available to me?

The types of contracts available to you will depend on the supplier and your circumstances. Visit our guide to business utility contract types to learn more about what's available.

What should I do when moving business premises?

Learn more about your electricity when moving premises with our guide to your business's utilities when moving

Do I need to pay VAT on my business's electricity?

Yes. There is standard VAT of 20% applied to your bill automatically. It's possible to reduce this to 5% if you only use small amounts of fuel. To find out more visit our VAT for business energy guide


Our business electricity suppliers

Supplier Fixed price contract length Get a quote
EDF business logo 1 - 4 years Get a quote
Scottish power business logo 1 - 3 years (electricity)
1 - 2 years (gas)
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Opus energy logo 1 - 3 years Get a quote
1 - 4 years Get a quote
SSE business logo 1 - 3 years Get a quote
eon business logo 1 - 3 years Get a quote

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