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Business fibre optic broadband

Business fibre optic broadband can give a crucial edge to any business for two reasons. Firstly, it’s fast, meaning your uploads and downloads are completed in rapid style. Secondly, it’s reliable, with guaranteed speeds. This means that you and your staff won’t be wasting time waiting for files to transfer or web pages to load, which can be incredibly frustrating.

Business fibre optic broadband deals might also be much cheaper and more accessible than you think. So, if you’re in the market for upgrading your current connection or switching to a new business fibre optic broadband supplier, read on.

What is business fibre optic broadband?

Business fibre optic broadband is a rapid and reliable alternative to standard ASDL broadband. Rather than copper wires, data is transmitted quickly and effectively by plastic or glass fibre optic cables. There are two main types on offer.

Firstly, Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). With this sort of connection, fibre optic cables which transfer data quite literally at the speed of light go straight to your business premises. It’s usually the fastest option, but its availability is relatively limited.

Next up, and much more common in the UK is Fibre to the Cabinet (FTCC) fibre broadband. With this type of fibre optic business broadband, fibre optic cables go as far as your local telephone exchange and the final leg of the journey is taken via copper cables. It’s often not as fast as FTTP broadband but depending on the infrastructure near you, it’s sometimes the only option available.

What are the benefits of business fibre optic broadband?

Fibre optic broadband for business can offer some real competitive advantages.

First and foremost is speed – it’s quite simply much faster than the alternative, which means that uploads and downloads get completed faster. That makes it perfect for sending and receiving big files. It also means that video conferencing via applications like Skype or Google Hangouts is a breeze, with little or no buffering or lag. So if your business regularly uses platforms like these to talk to clients, partners or suppliers it’s an option well-worth investigating.

Cloud computing is an increasingly popular way for businesses to save time and money, and fibre optic broadband can give your firm the necessary bandwidth to access applications and data from the cloud and remote servers seamlessly. Fibre optic broadband can also give a big boost to your telephony set-up too, offering crystal-clear calls.

The packages fibre optic business broadband providers offer can vary quite significantly so make sure that you’ve factored in set-up fees and average speeds.

Do I need business fibre optic broadband?

Business fibre optic broadband can give a major competitive edge to all sorts of businesses, large or small. To get the optimum package to suit your business’ needs, it’s worth taking stock of your requirements so you’re not overpaying for services which you don’t need.

For instance, some of the lower-priced packages could be suit companies with minimal staff with less intensive web usage requirements – paying for a top-end premium package could be an expense that you really don’t need if your internet usage is low.

The top-tier packages on the marketplace might suit large organisations or ones which require a large amount of bandwidth – for instance, sending and receiving large files or doing HD video conferencing regularly. If you use cloud computing for your applications and storage it could also be a great option and allow you to take full advantage of the cost and efficiency savings it offers.

With applications getting more numerous and data intensive, investing in a higher-end fibre optic broadband will allow you to plan accordingly for the future, too.

How to switch

Switching to cheaper business broadband package couldn’t be simpler. We can help you build a tailored business fibre optic broadband that’s suited to the needs of your business. Chances are we can save you money on your business landline by bundling it with your business fibre optic broadband, too.

To find out if there’s money to be saved, give us a call today on 0800 188 4975. Our fast and easy business fibre optic broadband comparison will help you find a deal that’s high on speed and low on price.