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Business Ethernet broadband

Chances are your business is reliant on the internet. Whether its connecting to the cloud or having virtual meetings with clients on the other side of the country, your internet connection needs to be robust and reliable enough to keep pace with the increasing demands that new technology needs.

A standard internet connection can struggle to deliver with the demanding requirements of business. Enter the business ethernet broadband connection, which can be a great option for businesses with demanding internet requirements. A business ethernet switch could hand you a big advantage over your competitors and allow you to quickly respond to your customers’ demands – so is it right for you?

What is a business Ethernet internet connection?

A fibre optic or ethernet internet connection isn’t your standard broadband access. It’s a specialised service specifically made for the exacting standards businesses need. So, instead of staff waiting around for poor connections wasting time – and crucially, money – you’ve got the security of guaranteed speeds, guaranteed uptime and guaranteed levels of service. While you might think that it’s just for big companies, small-to-medium sized businesses could certainly benefit from the speed and reliability that comes with business ethernet as well.

Plus, it might much more affordable than you might be led to believe. With many service providers vying for your trade and plenty of competition in the market, business ethernet pricing is more competitive than ever.

How does business Ethernet broadband differ from home broadband?

The main difference between business ethernet and internet is that it’s dedicated entirely to your business. So, rather than struggling for bandwidth with other users in your area at peak times, a business ethernet connection is dedicated entirely to your firm, and yours alone. This means the speed of ethernet connections to businesses is much faster than a standard connection.

It’s not just fast and reliable. There’s a host of other features your business could benefit from too, like no fair usage limitations. This means that your connection won’t be throttled or cut off once you’ve used a certain amount of data. Unlike a standard connection, your upload speeds will be just as fast as your downloads – ideal if you’re sending big files like videos around. You could also take advantage of increased security measures and priority support. If your business handles a lot of telephone calls you can also take advantage of Voice Over Ethernet. This will allow you to handle a huge volume of calls with no dip in quality.

There’s plenty of different ethernet services available too – entry-level business ethernet broadband can be achieved with an Ethernet over Fibre (EoFTTC), such at the one offered by TalkTalk. Here, a copper connection hooks your business to your nearest street cabinet, where a shared fibre connection takes the data to the exchange. Ethernet For The First Mile (EFM) uses multiple copper wires to connect you to an exchange, making it very reliable.

For the full ethernet experience, and all the speed and reliability that comes with it, you’ll need Ethernet Access Direct – this is ethernet delivered straight to your premises. It’s the method which will provide the fastest speed of ethernet connections to businesses, but it’s also usually the most expensive. But if your business has very demanding internet usage requirements, it might be an option which pays dividends.

Does your business need Ethernet broadband?

If your business is regularly suffering downtime or slow speeds, it’s worth considering an upgrade to an ethernet connection.

Applications are getting more numerous and data-intensive too, so if you’re looking to future-proof your business then a business ethernet connection could prove to be a wise investment.

Looking towards the future, moving essential services and storage to a cloud network is becoming a great option for many companies to save money and resources. So, to use cloud computing successfully you will require plenty of reliable bandwidth – and business ethernet can certainly deliver this.

Business ethernet is scalable too – so as your business grows, you can take advantage of more bandwidth when you need it.

If you’re looking to take advantage of new technology like Ethernet VPN, which can deliver blistering 10Gbps then it’s also definitely worth considering the options.

How to switch to business Ethernet broadband

Your first step to a sturdy, fast business ethernet connection should start with giving us a call. Our business savings team have extensive knowledge and can help put together a perfect package for your business’ needs. They might also be able to save you money by bundling your business landline with your ethernet.

To find out whether a business ethernet connection could be beneficial to you, or to perhaps land a better deal than the one you’ve currently got, give us a call today on 0800 188 4975.