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Why Small Businesses should go green

Green energy has become a global focus over the past few years. Aorund 100 countries, have set renewable business energy targets, including the UK

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    There are some great reasons to pick Leicester for your new business.

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      According to a recent survey, only 4% of business owners in the UK identify with the term 'entrepreneur'. Make It Cheaper asks, why?

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        Jonathan Elliott explains how customers can affect energy prices and stimulate a competitive market by shopping for better gas and elctricity deals.

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          The energy price season is upon us and it's a familiar story - but why are Britain's small businesses never painted as victims?

            Why are energy prices rising? | Blog | Make It Cheaper

            Ofgem data has cast doubt on the idea that wholesale costs are to blame for the rate at which energy prices are rising - so what's the real reason?

              Which social media platform is suited to your business?

              In business social media is becoming more and more prevalent. However, not every platform is best suited to your business. Click here to find out which are.

                Where Next for Intermediaries?

                What's the next innovation for the price-comparison industry?

                  Boosting your business profits |

                  Businesses could save an average of £1,500 by switching their gas and electricity supplier

                    Will someone else pay your business's energy bills? | Make It Cheaper

                    We asked three Make It Cheaper customers to explain what they’d do if they didn’t have to pay their business’s energy bills for an entire year.