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Leicester business legends | Make It Cheaper

Leicester has a rich history of successful entrepreneurs - and we've picked some of the most memorable that could inspire your business

    The Small Business Insurance Glossary | Blog – Make It Cheaper

    Do you find business insurance terms confusing? Use this business insurance jargon buster to find all the business insurance definitions you need.

      Small Business Finance Guide

      The various types of finance available for small businesses, including alternatives to traditional finance and how to access them

        Businesses see energy costs rise | Make It Cheaper

        The latest ‘Cost of Doing Business’ survey from the Forum of Private Business shows small businesses have continued to see increases in their energy costs

          UK firms turn to Twitter for energy advice |

          Make It Cheaper and Ingenious Britain conduct a live Q & A after publishing research detailing lack of trust in energy suppliers among UK businesses.

            Small Business and the global digital evolution | Make It Cheaper

            The last 12 months has seen some seismic shifts in the macroeconomic landscape, impacting businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whilst Brexit and Trump have created a lot of uncertainty and potential for change, one thing impacting small businesses has stayed the same: The proliferation of online information.

              Tips to help businesses save money | Small business advice week - Make It Cheaper

              Make It Cheaper CEO and founder Jonathan Elliott gives his top tips for saving as part of Small Business Advice Week 2014.

                Six Tips for Writing a Press Release

                How can you draw more attention to your business with a good, catchy press release?

                  Share your screen using Joinme or Skype | Make It Cheaper

                  Use a screen sharing tool like or Skype to help others see what you're talking about

                    Your business tip of the month: Set up your computer correctly

                    No more achy necks, sore backs and banged heads - make your office space injury-risk free with our tips.