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What would you do with the money if someone else paid your business’s energy bills for a whole year?

Our customers say how they'd benefit if we paid their energy bills

Energy is an expensive cost that businesses of all sizes in almost every sector have to pay.

As gas and electricity prices continue to rise, they pose a problem that an increasing number of SME owners may have to face - how do you pursue growth and investment when bills are restricting your choices? Just imagine how much your business could achieve if it didn't have to worry about the cost of energy.

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We asked three small firms what they would do with the saving they'd make if we were to pay their energy bills for a whole year - and the answers clearly show that the money would give their businesses a vital boost.  

Cut costs, boost business

Sharon Lomax saved £1,883 on the electricity bills at her training centre in North Tyneside after using our service. That's already had a positive impact on her profit figure, but not paying energy bills for a year would mean Sharon would be able to make significant improvements to her facilities:

"Lomax Training is an energy training centre specialising in gas, electric, utilities and renewables. We currently have a site at Howdon, Wallsend and the money we would save on energy bills would be put towards developing the site. As a lot of the utility training is delivered outdoors, ideally we would like to purchase a polytunnel to enable us to deliver the training regardless of the weather."

Sharon's not alone. A Make It Cheaper survey found that 43% of business decision makers would invest more money in developing their companies if they didn't have to pay their energy bills for a year.


It's not just SMEs that have to bear the burden of exorbitant gas and electricity costs. Charities face the same problem not just because the nature of their contracts is the same, but because they're often run in a similar way to small businesses. Just as their commercial counterparts are keen to boost profit, small charitable organisations are eager to maximise the funds they can raise for their respective causes.

"As a charity, any savings we can make on our ever increasing energy bills will make an absolutely huge difference - and not only to us."  Tony Davey, Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Tony Davey from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation revealed that being able to forget about energy bills for a year would make a huge difference:

"We are an independent children's charity, and have recently celebrated our 25th anniversary. Our purpose is to enable all children and young people to have the same opportunities in life and, importantly, to have a voice.   

"As a charity, any savings we can make on our ever increasing energy bills will make an absolutely huge difference - and not only to us. That's because, more importantly, we'd be able to pass savings on to charities that are doing incredibly amazing work - in very difficult circumstances - that we support around the UK."

Work-life balance

Saving money on your business's bills doesn't have to be all about maximising profit. Sometimes, it's just as important to simply enjoy the rewards for your hard work - especially given the added pressures that come with self-employment. It's something Shazia Khan from the Shimla Takeaway in Glasgow highlighted.

If we were to pay the business's energy bills, Shazia says the financial relief would significantly benefit both her family and their shop:

"We are a small business run by my husband and myself. We sell all sorts of fast foods such as pizzas, kebabs, burgers, chips and curries. We aim to provide quality food and service to our customers. If we had our energy bills paid for a year we would save thousands of pounds. We would use this money to go on a long-awaited family holiday to Japan, buy a newer car and pay off some debt."

The responses we've received from real business people show just how valuable eliminating these energy costs would be.

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