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What would you do with an extra £1,150?

On average, we save our customers an average of £1,150 when they switch with us. In fact, we’ve saved over 250,000 customers more than £500,000,000 since we opened our doors in 2007.

Savings can range but whether big or small, we believe it’s important to help British businesses get the best deal on their gas, electricity, insurance and telecoms – allowing them to reinvest the money into the things that matter. There are so many things that you could do with extra cash in your pocket and we love when our customers tell us how they plan to use theirs. Here are just a few ideas about things you could do – some inspiration for you!


Office Makeover

A dull, drab working environment can have a negative effect on both employees and if you’re a retail business, your customers. Creating a warm and welcoming space can do all the right things to inspire the people who work for you.

Add some colour to your walls, change the 1980’s flooring, hang some quirky pictures or dot tropical plants around – all sure to make for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space.

In our offices here at MIC, we’ve added a pool table and dart board among other things, which are perfect for helping our colleagues blow off some steam and allowing them to be even more productive in their work

Invest in Staff

Another way to utilise your savings is to invest in your staff and their development. So many of our customers tell us that this is how they plan to spend the extra money and what a difference it’ll make to those working for them.

Providing online training courses or sending you team on training days to help improve their on the job skills and knowledge, or even learn something new are the obvious things that spring to mind. There are of course many more ways to invest in your staff that will make them feel valued and therefore happier in their roles.


Upgrade your equipment

Depending on how much you save; you could give your equipment a much needed upgrade. Anything from new software, a new till system, new computers or even a new coffee machine, there are loads of small and big changes that will all help to make your working environment and processes more efficient.

These are just a few ideas on small changes that can have an impact and ultimately lead to smiles all round. This is always our end goal in all of our interactions with our customers,  seeing smiles put back on their faces and leading to amazing things happens for them and their business.

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