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What keeps business owners up at night?

Here are just a few of the things that worry business owners the most.

As a business owner, there are constant pressures and worries coming from all angles. We’ve compiled a list (in no particular order) of what keeps business owners up at night:

Finding their next client

In a survey of 500 small business owners about what causes them the most worry, GetApp found almost 60% rated ‘getting more business’ as their number one concern.

Referrals are a key and low cost way for any business to attract new clients. Including customer reviews and referral programmes in your marketing strategy are effective ways to draw in new clients.

Managing cashflow

Small businesses often run into cashflow problems. To help improve your cashflow, follow these top 5 recommendations from

Send invoices in a timely manner

  • Make sure your debt collection procedures are robust
  • Send reminders to clients before invoices are due
  • Try not to hold excess stock – holding less stock could free up cash to spend elsewhere in the business
  • Try to agree improved credit terms with your suppliers


There’s never enough of it, and certainly not for business owners it seems.

In a survey conducted by the FPB , 36% of SMEs said that a shortage of time was the biggest challenge to their growth plans. But how can you save time in a bid to grow your business?

One way is to subscribe to services like Do It For You from Make It Cheaper. Our innovative auto-renewal service automatically finds you the best deal on your business energy each year when it comes up for renewal. So you don’t have to waste time trawling comparison sites trying to find a better deal and can save some of that valuable time.

Cyber Security

Cyber-crime is becoming prolific in our digital society, with attacks on organisations such as the NHS recently hitting the headlines. Larger organisations have certainly been the target of major cyber-attack but SMEs are increasingly at risk. Attacks can take many different forms, including malware, ransomware (DoS), phishing and rogue software.

A recent government survey found that 52% of small and 66% of medium sized businesses experienced at least one cyber security breach in the past 12 months.

It’s important to not only make sure your insurance covers cyber, but to take the right precautions to ward off the risk of an attack. Things like having up-to-date anti-virus software, robust firewalls and keeping on top of new and emerging risks.

Staff Shortages

Staff shortages have been highlighted as a potential risk for many companies in our post-Brexit economy. In a recent press release, Mike Cherry, FSB National Chairman, said:

‘There is real concern among small firms with EU staff that they will lose access to the skills and labour their business needs to survive and grow.’

The question of EU workers aside, keeping your workforce happy is vital in minimising staff turnover. It costs considerably more to recruit, set up and train a new employee than retain an existing one, so motivating and investing in your current employees is key for keeping staffing costs down in the longer term.

Interruption to service

Most business owners pale at the thought of their business being interrupted for any length of time. According to, ‘Micro- and small businesses are hardest hit in times of disruption, with 21 per cent of small businesses saying they would not be able to survive if their business was to cease trading for more than a month. ' Despite this, it’s widely reported that underinsurance (on Business Interruption insurance policies specifically) poses a huge risk to SMEs. A report cited by The Trust Group states that ‘73 per cent of SMEs recognise that there are new potential risks to their business that were not present when they first opened, yet 82 per cent of them have not altered or increased their insurance cover to defend against these risks.

One way to guarantee a better night’s sleep is to ensure your business is adequately insured against any potential risks. At Make It Cheaper we have a team of insurance experts on hand to help you find the right cover for your business at the best rate. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.