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Top 5 tips for interviewing

You can make sure that you hire the best people for your company by following these five effective tips for interviewing.

  1. Know what you are looking for now and in the future; be really clear about what you think 'good' looks like and look for evidence of this in the candidate's background. Remember that The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development reckons that a good performer will create 1000% more value than an average performer.
  2. Read the CV before you meet the candidate and pull out anything that concerns you or anything that you want to find out more about. Take the time to get a deep understanding of specific disconcerting happenings in a candidate's background; don't ignore your gut feeling or experience.
  3. Try not to make your mind up about a candidate in the first two minutes of meeting them; dig into their background and experience and make the assessment after 20 minutes with your initial impression in mind. If the candidate is a really good potential employee but not right for the role you have, you should ask yourself if you can use them elsewhere now or in the future.
  4. If you find the right candidate who will make a real difference to your business, know how to sell to them: know what their goals, career aspirations, and motivations are and how you can honestly meet them (or not). 
  5. What else can you get from this meeting? Referrals? Competitor information? A raving fan for your business? Use the time wisely even with someone who isn't right for the role, to get the maximum benefit from it for you and the business.