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Top 10 time-saving apps and services

Getting things done quickly has never been as valuable as it is right now. It seems modern-day Brits value their time just as much as their money, and we’re certainly not afraid to spend a few pounds on services, tech and apps if they can make our lives a little bit easier.

Recently, here at Make It Cheaper, we surveyed the nation to find out exactly what time-saving services Brits are willing to pay for. Just over half are happy to pay for decorating services, a huge 47% would be up for employing a cleaner and 41% would consider hiring a gardener to make their outdoor space prettier. These services have been around for decades, but we were surprised to see a rather significant amount of people say yes to more unusual services, such as hiring a person to shop for them, employing a dog walker and even paying someone to download tech on their behalf!

The modern-day Brit definitely values their time, but by how much? We asked participants to think in numbers, and over a quarter revealed they’d happily spend a tenner on a service if it meant they didn’t have to waste an hour waiting around. A small 3% would even spend a huge £100 an hour, and 16% wouldn’t think twice about splashing out more than £100 on time-saving services every month if they could afford it.

Time-savvy apps and services

We’re undoubtedly a time-savvy nation and as the demand for time-saving solutions increases, there are so many new apps and handy services to help us in our day-to-day lives. We’ve discovered some of the very best for you - take a look below.


A Central London-based service, Henchman will deliver pretty much anything to your door, from food, drink and clothing items to documents, laundry or even a forgotten item left at the office. Henchman allows you to track your deliveries in real time so you’ll know exactly where they are and when they’ll be arriving.

With 41% of our survey participants wishing they could pay a fee to receive supplies when they’re ill, we have a feeling this exclusive concierge service will be a big hit. Here's hoping that the service expands across the UK!

If this, then that (IFTTT)

If this, then that (shortened to IFTTT) is a handy web-based service that fuses together the apps and services you already love, carrying out certain steps for a desired end result in one easy click.

For example, if you post a photo to Instagram you can automatically add that photo to Dropbox and save it for future use. If you’re a blogger, you can arrange for new Blogger articles to post directly on LinkedIn, and if you use Google Calendar you can add the weather forecast to your calendar every day at 6am. The possibilities are endless -  to find out more, check out the IFTTT website.

Borrow my Doggy

Borrow my Doggy is ideal for dog owners who find themselves pushed for time when it comes to walking their pup. Sign up to browse the list of dog lovers in your area who are looking for a furry friend to walk regularly. Once you’ve all met and you’re sure your dog and their new walker get along, you can complete other tasks knowing your dog is getting exercise with someone they love to be around! The best part? It’s a free service, and you’ll be spreading joy to someone who doesn’t have a dog of their own!  They have a ‘pawsome’ app for all iPhone users too!


TaskRabbit means you can get those pesky household tasks completed quickly and to a high standard. Simply state what you need, whether it’s a cleaning service, a repairman or house moving assistance, and then choose the time and date you'd like the task completed. You’ll be presented with a list of people (matches) who can complete your task and from here, choose a trusted source with payment being taken instantaneously through the app upon completion!


Do you frequently find yourself stumbling across interesting articles that you’d love to read in your spare time, only to waste ages trying to find them again at a later date? If this sounds like you, Pocket might be the perfect app to download! Here, you can save articles, videos and more, across any device for whenever you're ready, and you can even access the content offline as well.


If you’re a big music fan, Dice is for you. The app is ideal for discovering new music in your area, and for finding sold out tickets at face value. You won’t have to trawl the internet or beg Facebook friends for spare seats anymore, and you can place yourself on a ticket waiting list knowing you’re paying the right price for the event. Dice tickets are 100% mobile so there’s no need to use a printer either!


For savvy spenders, budgeting and keeping on top of your finances can take up a huge chunk of your time. Thanks to Loot, you’ll know exactly where your money is going so you can keep track of everything straight from your mobile.

A ‘banking experience’ app, you simply apply for a Loot card and then spend as you normally would. The app automatically places transactions into categories so you can see how much you’re using each month for food, entertainment and travel. You can set daily budgets, ‘Loot Goals’ to save up for a specific need like a holiday and even use the card abroad without worrying about additional fees. 


Thinking of original recipes and picking up ingredients for dinner takes time, and Gousto tackles both of these issues by delivering food straight your door. Once a week you’ll choose 22 recipes, then all you have to do is simply wait for the ingredients and cooking instructions to arrive - everything is packaged in perfect portion sizes too!


Eliminate long queues and have your favourite Starbucks coffee ready and waiting thanks to a new feature on the Starbucks app. Just download the app, select your order with as many tweaks as you need and choose a time for pick up. It’s ideal for speeding up your work commute!


Split your expenses with friends easily and keep on track of joint bills with Splitwise. You’ll never forget any IOU’s with this handy app and you can even set reminders for when your rent is due.


Don’t forget, here at Make It Cheaper we’re all about saving businesses time and money. If you’re looking to reduce the cost of energy bills, insurance, broadband and water rates, all of our services are designed to help you find the best deal!