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The search is on for UK businesses to star in new television documentary

posted on 18/01/2013 14:10:05 by Kevin Gill

A production company is searching for subjects for a new show to be aired on the BBC.

Be on the Beeb: A television production company is on the hunt for small businesses to star in new documentary series

Here's a potential opportunity to get some free advice for your business and give yourself a PR boost at the same time.

A London-based production company is searching for small and medium-sized businesses to be subjects for a documentary series to be broadcast on a BBC television channel.

Outline Productions, an independent company whose credits includeThe Great British Food RevivalandThe Secret Tourist, are looking for businesses who are experiencing difficulties in the current economic climate and have concerns about their survival and prospects for growth. The idea, it seems, is that an expert assesses how the business operates and gives advice about how to put right the problems they identify.

Let's hope assessing and renegotiating the companies' fixed costs is on the agenda, as our experience tells us that this is an area where significant savings can be made and more pounds can be put on the bottom line.

The only qualifying criteria is that your company is based in the UK and has ten to one hundred staff members - so if you are interested in pursuing the opportunity and putting your business in the spotlight, you should email Outline Productions at

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