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The impact of hot weather on your electricity prices

Along with barbecues, suntans and beach days, unfortunately the hot weather is also bringing electricity price rises. The recent heatwave is increasing electricity demand and putting extra strain on electricity production.

Overuse of air conditioning systems:

Due to overuse of energy drainers such as air conditioning systems and the extra strain on energy production caused by the heat, energy prices are being driven up.

According to Dr Iain Staffell of Imperial College London, for every degree rise in temperature during June 2017, electricity demand rose by 0.9%. To cope with the increasing demand for electricity, prices are being driven up.

Extra strain on power plants:

Another result of the extreme heat is a strain on electricity product. It’s not safe for power plants to be producing energy in such hot temperatures. This means power plants are forced to be turned off or their capacity reduced.

If the efficiency of electricity production drops like this, then more expensive power plants, such as gas or diesel turbines need to be ramped up. This will have a knock-on effect on electricity prices, driving them up even further.

How do I ensure I never pay more than I should?

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