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The 6 crazy insurance claims that insurers still paid out

Here are six weird, real-life stories where paying for insurance proved worthwhile.

Insuring your home, business and expensive assets is a sensible way to protect the things you’ve worked hard to earn – after all, it’s always nice to have a reassuring financial safety net if things ever go wrong.

But would you seriously expect your insurer to cough up for window damage caused by amorous seagulls in the same way that they would repair your car following a traffic accident? Well, according to some of the wacky claims unveiled by Post Magazine, you could – and there are plenty of other weird and wonderful scenarios where insurers have paid out. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Steals, then leaves – An unlucky holidaying couple had their luggage stolen from their treehouse accommodation while they were away for dinner. The culprits were locals who scaled the tree, stole the bags and disappeared before anyone was able to intervene.

2. Lovebirds – A motorist needed his back windscreen repaired after it had been shattered by amorous seagulls. Apparently, they were trying to mate with their reflection and kept pecking at the window.

3. Living in the dog house – A dog set a house on fire. It was jumping around so excitedly that it knocked into the cooker – turning it on and setting fire to a tea towel and then the house. Thankfully the owners were able to claim on their home insurance.

4. A woolly situation – Who’d have thought that the magnifying glass used for cross-stitching could start a house fire? After it caught the sun at the perfectly wrong angle and set things alight, one knitting enthusiast had to claim for fire damage on their home insurance.

5. Holiday cut short – A tourist watching a wood-cutter tried to help out when a piece of wood fell. Instead he found his hand in the path of the axe’s swing. The tourist’s travel insurance paid for the medical expenses and luckily he only lost part of his finger.

6. “Duck!” – Or should it be, “Goose!” A homeowner had to have his roof repaired after a low-flying goose crashed through the roof. He also had to replace a chest of drawers, a TV and a games console.

So, there you have it. With crazy scenarios that even H.G. Wells couldn't have dreamt up, these six claims prove that insurance - even business insurance - really is worth it.

Images: Resized image courtesy of Martin Luff via Flickr.