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Your business tip of the month: Spread seasonal joy with Elf Yourself

posted on 15/12/2014 09:21:29 by David Pallant

Laugh away the winter chills by recording and sharing your very own Elf Yourself video. It's free and funny!

Keep yourself in good 'elf by creating a fun Christmas video like we have.

We're spreading some Christmas cheer with this month's business tip.

Take a few minutes out of your day to have a play with a web tool called "Elf Yourself". You can use it to create a fun, festive video to share with your staff, family, suppliers or customers.

Here’s our Elf Yourself video to say Happy Christmas to you – and this month’s business tip blog shows you how to make your own.

We think it's a great way to show a playful side to your business - and after a few minutes playing with the video options we're sure you'll agree that they're pretty darn hilarious!

How to create your own video

Step 1

Find some images of the people you want to star in the video, you can use photos that are stored on your computer or Facebook. A straight-on photograph with the entire face visible – the closer the better – is ideal.

Pick a photo

Step 2

Head to Elf Yourself and start adding the photos. All you need to do is 'tick' the terms and conditions box and select computer or on Facebook as your method of uploading.

You’ll have to add the photos one at a time and adjust the settings to fit each face in the frame.

Adjust photo to fit

Step 3

Click on ‘Another Elf’ to add more stars to your video (you can have a maximum of four elves). Once everyone has been added, just hit ‘Let’s Dance’.

Lets Dance button

Step 4

You can tinker with the video by changing the dance selected on the right.

This is the most 'time-consuming' section - we cannot be held responsible for you sitting in front of your computer for an hour and a half laughing like a festive hyena at all the different videos you can choose from.

Pick a video

Step 5

Once you’re happy with the video, just hit the green button with the chain logo (it’s the button that is second on the right) to see your video’s unique web link. Copy this link and send it to your intended audience.

If you'd rather embed it in a blog on your website or share it on social media there are green buttons for these options too.

Copy Link

Our wondrous, wintry Elf Yourself video

Twas the night before Christmas, when across the sales floor, not a creature was stirring - not even the office bore.

Merry Christmas from Make It Cheaper’s marketing elves David, Kev, Dan and Karla. We hope you enjoy the video!


Images: Original Hyena image courtesy of Hakon Thingstad via Flickr.

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