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Your business tip of the month: Revolutionise your note-taking

I came up with a clever subtitle for this bit. But I just can't find the piece of paper I wrote it on... If only I'd followed Make It Cheaper's advice!

Do you find it hard to keep track of all those different ideas you have and things you need to note?

Maybe you write them down on napkins that disappear forever - or lose the emails you sent to yourself in the inbox jungle.

There are lots of online tools available that make note-taking easy - so that you can save an idea to your smartphone while on lunch in a coffee shop, and then continue developing it later - on your phone or on your computer.

In our blog this month, we'll show you how to set up Evernote, one of the more popular online note-taking applications - and how to create reminders.

Of course, we're not saying that Evernote is the best-of-the-best online note-taker, it's just that it's free (as a basic user) and it's the note-manager that we use. In fact, there's plenty of other tools you could try out too.

Setting up Evernote

Step 1

Make things easier for yourself by creating an account via your desktop or laptop computer. Setting up your profile on your computer is the least fiddly way to sign up.

Go to their homepage and click on the big green ‘Sign up now’ button near the middle of the page.

Sign up screen 1

Step 2

Enter the email address and password you want to use for your account. Then click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Sign up screen 2

Step 3

Unless you want to upgrade your account (you can always do it later) just click on the ‘Continue’ button to open your online database.

Welcome screen

Step 4

In the Evernote database, everything you need is just a click or two away. We’ve circled the options to create new notes (red), notebooks (blue), reminders (green) and to-do lists (orange) on the image below to help you get started. We’d also suggest organising your notes into different notebooks so that you can keep track of different ideas separately.

PC database

Step 5

When you’re ready to take Evernote on the go, just download the app to your smartphone or tablet using the links below.

Step 6

After logging in with the details that you used to sign up to the service, you should see the notes and notebooks you’ve already created – and all the functionality to create notes, notebooks, reminders and to-do lists on the move.

Mobile home screen  

Step 7

If you wanted to take your Evernote-affair even further, you can also download supporting apps – such as Evernote Scannable, which enables you to scan documents into your Evernote account so that you can be even more paperless than before without any extra hassle.


Setting up a reminder

Step 1

Write a note. This can be done on your computer or using your mobile app.

Write a note

Step 2

When you’re ready to add the reminder, just click on the alarm clock button (see below).

Alarm clock icon

Step 3

All you need to do now is add the date and time you want. Then you can relax.

Step 4

You'll see or hear a notification on your phone at the time you've chosen.

Mobile reminder

Step 5

As we’ve mentioned on the ‘set up’ guide, you don’t have to stop at note-taking and reminders on Evernote - try out Evernote Scannable for an alternative way to make yourself paperless.



Image: Post-it note image courtesy of John Kane on Flickr.