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Your business tip of the month: Pocket interesting articles to read later

Never miss out on a must-read article ever again with a bookmarking tool like Pocket.

Isn’t it annoying when you come across an interesting article online but you’re too busy to read it?

Nifty bookmarking tools like Pocket allow you to be smarter with your limited time making it easy to read articles whenever you want - you don't even need to be online after you’ve done your bookmarking.

Pocket can save the articles you want to read so that you can access them when you're out and about - you don't even need to be online to carry on reading.

In our blog we'll show you how to set up a Pocket account and save your first article. Who knows, maybe it’ll mean you don’t miss the article that inspires your business to bigger and better things!

If you're an avid Internet Explorer user, you’ll probably find it hard to use Pocket (not impossible, just very difficult). We - and the folks at Pocket - recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Setting up your Pocket account

Step 1

Head to the Pocket website and click on the big friendly ‘sign up’ button of your choice (either sign up using your email or your Google account).

Pocket website

Step 2

Add your details – the sign up form doesn’t ask for a lot of information. Once you’re done, click the ‘sign up’ button.

Sign up form

Step 3

Now that you're logged in, Pocket asks to add itself to your browser toolbar. If you want to use the current Internet browser to save articles, follow the instruction to add Pocket (you can always add it later if you don’t want to do it straight away).

Add Pocket to your Internet browser

Step 4

Before you reach your account screen you're also asked to download the appropriate app to allow you to use Pocket on the go. Again, you can do this when prompted or later. Here are the links to the Pocket apps - just pick the right store for your handheld device.


Step 5

After this, you’re inside your account and any articles you save can be read from this screen.

Pocket Main Menu

Save your first article

We’ll run through both options because it’s really easy to do it on either - and means you’re ready and raring to go in either scenario.

On your computer


Step 1

Add Pocket to your Internet browser. If you haven’t done this already following the steps above, but have set up a Pocket account, visit this webpage and select your Internet browser from the list on the left.

Browser options for Pocket

Step 2

Once added, just browse the Internet as normal. When you come across an article you want to save all you need to do is click on the Pocket button whilst you’re on the page. Then it’ll be stored in your account – and across your devices to read later (if you’ve downloaded their app to your phone or tablet).

Add article to Pocket

On your mobile device


Step 1

If you've followed the guide to setting up Pocket above then you’ve already downloaded the relevant app for your device. When you open your Pocket app, follow the prompts to log in with your account details.

Pocket log in

Step 2

Depending on your device’s operating system, use the instructions below to authorise your device to ‘pocket’ articles.

Apple devices

Open your Safari app and then click on the ‘share’ button (it looks like an arrow sticking out of a box). On the pop up that appears, swipe the middle row left and press the ‘more’ button. Then all you need to do is change Pocket's switch to green and select ‘done’.

iPhone Pocket Instructions

Android devices (includes Kindle)

Simply download the app. Once downloaded (and logged in), you can save articles to the app by using the ‘Share Page’ button which looks like three connected dots.

On the next screen, click on the ‘Pocket’ icon and this will ‘share’ the article to your pocket account so that you can read it later.

Android Pocket Instructions

Step 3

As you can see, even if you open then open Pocket on a different device (here we’ve moved from Android tablet to Apple iPhone), the article you’ve saved can still be read.

Pocket Menu on iPhone