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LoC02 Energy provides affordable green alternative to traditional brown energy

posted on 09/10/2012 12:47:20 by Kevin Gill

Hertfordshire-based supplier aims to change perception that business owners cannot afford a greener electricty supply.

Hydropower is a renewable energy source that contributes to greener tariffs offered by companies such as LoCO2 Energy

Renewable energy is not always top of the priority list for Britain's small business owners - mainly because of the perception that a greener supply comes at a premium that stretches an already tight budget. Broadly speaking this perception is true. Renewable energy comes from natural sources such as wind and water and does not produce harmful waste, so cannot be produced in enormous amounts on an enormous scale. This means it struggles to compete with the price of mass-produced "brown" energy, which in contrast is mainly generated by burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal in large, ultra-efficient power stations.

You cannot blame business owners for being price-led - such is the need to turn a profit in challenging economic conditions - but there must be many who would welcome a greener alternative that they can afford. Indeed, at Make It Cheaper we have had many phone calls lately asking for exactly that.

A green energy supply is essential for any business owner looking to position their company in the ethical market. Even if you don't have a selling point that's explicitly green, a commitment to environmental responsibility is likely to attract new customers and higher-calibre business partners

The Hertfordshire-based supplier LoCO2 Energy - a new Make It Cheaper partner - meets this need with two electricity tariffs designed specifically for business. Their 'Business Low Carbon' tariff offers energy that produces just 246g of carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour created. To put that in context, the emissions from brown energy sources will typically be double this amount. Ten per cent of the energy produced for this tariff comes from landfill gas and hydro power, both 100% renewable sources, while the rest comes from low carbon generators using natural gas, which has far less emissions than fossil fuels.

LoCO2 Energy's other tariff, 'Business Green', provides 100% renewable energy, much of which is produced at eight hydropower stations throughout the UK that are managed and operated by the supplier's sister company TLS Hydro. The other renewable sources for this premium tariff include wind, biomass and landfill gas.

Video: A close look at Roshven hydropower station, a site that generates renewable energy used by LoCO2 Energy for its two business tariffs

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