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Leicester's women in business awards

Not only is Leicester a hub for small businesses in the UK - it’s also a proud community that supports and celebrates its local business leaders. Leicester Mercury – the city’s local newspaper - has decided to honour the most dedicated businesswomen of Leicester with the Women in Business Awards.

Nominations for the awards will be chosen by the Leicester Mercury based on who they deem to have given back to their community in the highest capacity - and the newspaper says judging will be difficult given that many businesses in Leicester demonstrate community spirit.

The awards, which are sponsored by the University of Leicester along with the Holiday Inn hotel chain, will be hosted at the St Nicholas Holiday Inn - a venue which has previously hosted the prestigious Leicestershire Top 200 Companies magazine. The event will be hosted on the 29th of September by ITV weather presenter Emma Jesson, with around 200 business leaders and community champions expected to attend.

Judges have already selected the finalists for all 10 categories with the winners to be revealed at the ceremony in a few weeks’ time.

The award categories and sponsors are:

Headline sponsor and Lifetime Achievement Award – sponsored by University of Leicester

Entrepreneur of the year Award – sponsored by Torr Waterfield

Innovation Award – sponsored by Easy Internet

Rising Star Award – sponsored by Search Consultancy

Apprentice of the Year Award – sponsored by Leicester College
Small Business of the Year – sponsored by FSB

Inspirational Business Women of the year – sponsored by Spearing Waite

Women in the Public Sector Award – sponsored by Weightman's
Business Women of the Year – sponsored by Costco

The Community Champion Award – sponsored by the Holiday Inn. has put together a report on the community cohesion of Leicester city, and although it can be difficult to ascertain a good sense of community, the report showed that 84% of Leicester’s population think that their local area is a place where they have good community relations - and that locals live and work together well. This bodes well for small businesses, and the multitude of sponsors for the Women in Business Awards shows the diversity in Leicester's SME community.

Leicester College is sponsoring the Apprentice of the Year Award, and a spokesperson said: "By sponsoring the Leicester Mercury's Women in Business – Apprentice of the Year Award, we are furthering our support of both apprenticeships and the young women who are thriving within their workplace and training programmes."

The Leicester Mercury explains: “The Women in Business Awards aim to honour the massive contribution women make to the city and county economies.”

Hopefully your company has been nominated and best of luck to the contestants!