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Your business tip of the month: How to scan your notes onto a computer

posted on 26/11/2015 09:36:46 by David Pallant

Never lose the important page in your notepad. Now it'll be saved on your computer.

Scan your notes and save yourself from the stress of hunting the right scrap of information.

We’ve all been there – looking for notes from a meeting but not able to track them down.

A solution to this problem is scanning your handwritten notes onto your computer after the meeting - in fact, there are some strong benefits to storing your notes electronically:

  • It makes them more secure after the paper copies are shredded.

  • Notes needing to be shared (such as customer orders and invoices) don’t have to be typed up.

This month we’re going to look at one of the popular, free note-scanning apps on the market – Scannable.

We decided to show you how to use Scannable because it can synchronise with Evernote, which we’ve also shown you how to use.

Scannable is currently only available for Apple devices - but there are plenty of other similar apps on the market if you have an Android smartphone or tablet instead of an ‘i-Product’.

Getting started

Step 1

Grab your Apple device and download the Scannable app. You can do this by simply clicking on the link below from your iPad or iPhone:

Scannable logo

Step 2

Once the app is downloaded, open it. You’ll be asked immediately if you want to connect Scannable to your Evernote account.

We’d recommend connecting so that your scanned notes are all stored in one cloud-based location, but you can connect later – or skip altogether if you don’t have an account.

To connect to your Evernote account it’s as simple as filling in two log-in fields.

Evernote Log In

Scanning a document

Step 1

You’ll need to have your document ready to scan from the get-go. That’s because any time you open the app, it will search for a document to scan immediately (using the rear camera on your device).

Fit your document inside the screen and keep your device still for a few seconds while it ‘scans’ (this is when your note goes blue and a loading circle swishes around clockwise). Holding still will ensure your notes are as clear as possible.

Scanning a note

Step 2

To capture additional notes, wait for your page to finish scanning and then move your camera view onto the next note and let the blue, swishy scan complete.

Adding more notes

Step 3

Once you’ve scanned every scrap of your document, just click the little blue tick.

All notes are added

Step 4

On the next screen you can rename your note by selecting the default title ‘scanned document’.

Rename your notes

Step 5

From the same screen you can also chose to send or save your scanned document.

  • Tapping ‘send’ gives you the option to send it by email or share via a range of third-party apps installed on your device, such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

  • Selecting ‘save’ gives you the option to save it to your camera roll or to your Evernote account.

Send and Save buttons

Once finished, your notes (here’s one we made earlier) can be accessed and shared as a .pdf document or a .png image.

Image: Handwritten notes courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski on Flickr.

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