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How to Live Life like you Live in a Hotel

Outsource your life not just your business

The old adage ‘Tempus fugit’ (Time flies) couldn’t be more relevant in the modern day. You race about trying to cram as much as you can into 24 hours – from work responsibilities to household chores and admin, childcare and leisure activities. This fast-paced way of life is fuelled by a growing number of disruptive technologies, which are not only blurring the lines between home and work-life, but resulting in a paradigm shift from a wider social and cultural perspective.

Surprisingly, or not, you probably work less hours than your 19th and 20th century predecessors. Today, the average working day is 7.6 hours, with eight hours (if you’re lucky) assigned to sleep. According to a report published by the European Commission, consumers then have an average of only 3.2 hours a week for all consumer-based tasks.

Furthermore, research by Eurostat revealed over one quarter (28.1 per cent) of the EU population reported a low satisfaction level with its time use, with almost half (49.2 per cent) only reporting a medium satisfaction level. The research is clear: We are all time poor.

So, where do you stack up? What are you spending your time on and, crucially, how can you find more time for yourself?


Create your own virtual concierge

The answer to releasing more free time is outsourcing. It’s not just something that can work in your business – but a change in mindset can make it work in your personal life too. Thanks to new technologies and a growing sharing economy, you can now create a personalised concierge service using a plethora of innovative apps and cloud-based services. By delegating many of your day-to-day tasks using these technology-enabled lifestyle hacks, you can pursue other activities you deem a higher priority. And it’s not as expensive as you might think. In fact, peer-to-peer exchange can prove more cost effective than traditional services.

So if you like the idea of a personal concierge service and living life like you’re in a hotel, try out some of these handy apps and services:

Fancy room service? JustEat, UberEATs and Deliveroo deliver a range of cuisines direct to your door at a time convenient to you. Chuck in some paper plates and save on washing up too. It’s really like room service!

Prefer home cooking but no time to restock the fridge?, Gousto and Amazon Prime Now deliver fresh food boxes, recipes and groceries – now, in as little as one hour.

Fed up of laundry? Laundrapp, ZipJet and Love2Laundry collect your dirty washing and deliver it clean and pressed. Even better, get them to do your bedlinen for crisp hotel-like sheets at bedtime. Who can say no to that?

Hate housework? TaskRabbit, Mopp and will leave your abode sparkling while the Smartduvet app makes your bed for you. Yes really.

In need of some pampering? UrbanMassage, Treatwell and SecretSpa promise to ease away your aches and pains from a heavy week at work These apps make it much easier for you to book a time directly for your weekly treat.

Loathe household admin? Onedox, Task Rabbit and OurHome will have your filing and diary management sorted.

No time for DIY? Plenty of home projects sitting on the backburner after a long week at the office? Bizzby, GoFantastic and Handy will tackle your property’s snaglist and help you get those projects moving.

Need a chauffeur? Uber, Gett and Hailo promise to get you from A to B pronto. You also get a lot more certainty by being able to see where your prospective ride is, and how long it will take for them to get to your location.


Outsourcing the hassle

The sharing economy is not without its challenges, notably trust issues and a lack of regulation, but its time-saving advantages are increasingly hard to argue against. According to research from PWC, 83 per cent of people think a sharing economy makes life more convenient and efficient. 

Seriously, what’s not to like about organising your laundry or housework with the touch of a button (it could just save your marriage)?!  Time will still fly, of course, but you could be having more fun.