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How smart meters can help a small business

Stay in control of your business energy (and your money) with a smart meter

With smart meters, you can say goodbye to estimated bills and being in the dark about where your energy is being drained.  But despite the benefits, are there any risks?  We have the facts and dispel the most common myths.

What is a Smart Meter?
Smart Meters are electronic meters that monitor your gas and electricity usage and send readings to your supplier automatically. With a smart meter, you’ll never be overcharged for energy again.

Smart meters are part of a government initiative to prevent inaccurate billing and are being rolled out to small businesses and homes across the UK by 2020.

How can a Smart Meter benefit my business?

Automated readings and your very own display unit enable you to shine a light on times of high usage. So, you know where to reduce your energy to make the most impact.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Lower bills and carbon emissions - allows you to keep a tighter rein on the amount of energy you consume, which helps to reduce your energy spend.

Supply problems identified quicker - Smart meters make it easier for providers and networks to monitor supply, so if there are any problems they should be alerted quicker and, as a result, respond sooner.

More accurate Feed-In-Tariff payments - if you generate your own electricity, the meter will provide a better reading of how much you’re exporting back to the grid. This should improve the accuracy of payments made under the Feed-in-Tariff scheme.

Heard bad things? Let’s do some myth-busting...

“Thieves can use Smart Meters to access data about your business.” Smart meter data is protected by an Advanced Encryption Standard which is even more complex than that used for internet banking.

"The Smart Meter roll-out is another cost on my energy bill." The installation doesn’t cost a thing. If anything, smart meters will make your bills cheaper as you’ll have accurate information to help reduce your energy spend.

“I’ll have to close my business to have one installed.” Energy suppliers normally install meters between 8am and 6pm on weekdays. If that doesn’t work for you, they’ll often try to find a time that does – at Make It Cheaper, we can help with this if you switch suppliers with us.

  • “I rent or lease my premises from a commercial landlord, so I can’t have one.” This shouldn’t stop you from getting one, but it’s best to let your landlord know beforehand.

“There are health risks from smart meters.” Public Health England (PHE) states there is no evidence to suggest that exposure to the radio waves produced by smart meters poses any health risk.

For more information about smart meters and how they can help your business, see our Guide to Smart Meters.


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