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Guest blog: I can see clearly now

Growth Coach Michael Taylor explains how GrowthAccelerator is so much more than a one-size-fits-all business training programme.

In sport, the value of a coach to an athlete's performance is a given. Just look at how Ivan Lendl has transformed Andy Murray's game. Breaking down every aspect of his performance and rebuilding his training regime, his diet, his mental application to the game and how he has also developed a winning mentality.

It's obviously far too simplistic to say a business coach can have the same effect on a commercial enterprise involving loads of different people. But, the same basic principles do apply.

A business that wants to grow needs to have everyone in the company focused on that incredible and demanding journey. Having the idea, having the desire is one thing. Having the ability to achieve growth is an even greater challenge.

The essence of GrowthAccelerator, a business service offering support for ambitious businesses, is linking an experienced, independent, and appropriate coach to a business to work with the leaders of the business on a growth strategy.

A business that wants to grow needs to have everyone in the company focused on that incredible and demanding journey.

It's certainly not a one-size-fits-all programme - but a tailored and relevant series of interactions that get under the bonnet of what can make the business really do well, by using some well-structured analytical tools.

GrowthAccelerator client Gary Frank, owner of the Fabulous Bakin' Boys, describes the role that his coach has played in helping his business to see clearly.

"He's brought the team together and we've come up with the answers."

The important aspect of GrowthAccelerator coaching is that the whole process is managed properly. It's so important that the coach listens, understands and applies their experiences and lessons to the business. And it's the role of GrowthAccelerator's Growth Managers to make sure the coach is the right one for the business. Sure, sector experience and prior knowledge may have an influence on who they work with and how the relationship is structured, but the most important factor is chemistry. There has to be mutual respect and an understanding that uncomfortable truths can often be aired in the greater pursuit of growing the business.

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