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From David Beckham to Taylor Swift – the most expensive celebrity body parts revealed

Mariah Carey, David Beckham and Taylor Swift, all celebrities that have made, and continue to earn a vast fortune, via their unique natural attributes. But what if something were to happen to their money-makers!?

From famous derrieres to priceless chest hair, as well as Champions League winning legs, it’s no surprise that celebs need to protect their assets, and their livelihoods, with big insurance premiums for their body parts.

So, who has the most expensive celebrity body part insurance? New research by Make it Cheaper - the UK’s No.1 destination for businesses to get a better deal on their utilities - has revealed that the celebrities with most valuable body part insurance policies are:

  1. Mariah Carey (Legs: $1 billion) 2

The most expensive body part insurance deal ever recorded. The diva, famous for her glittering musical career, protected her legs for a flabbergasting $1 billion. As part of her ambassador role with Gillette, the shaving brand took out the policy and insured Mariah’s legs as part of its ‘Legs of a Goddess' campaign.

  1. Jennifer Lopez (Bum: $300 million) 1

Even though she claims she’s still Jenny from the block, her rear is on a completely different plateau. Before Kim Kardashian, the singer/ actress/ dancer had one of the most famous bums in the industry, so much so that she took out this nine-figure sum to protect it.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Legs: $144 million) 1

The first of two footballers on the top ten list, it will come as no surprise that the four time Ballon d’Or winner has one of the biggest insurance deals ever. Ronaldo’s legs have helped his teams win 22 major trophies including three Premier League titles and three Champions League victories.

  1. David Beckham (Legs: $70 million) 1

Golden balls, as his wife affectionately calls him, is golden for a reason. The ex-England captain is probably the most marketable celebrity in the world, with bumper sponsorship deals with Pepsi, Adidas and Breitling, to name just a few. Now the face of H&M, his income is completely dependent on his body in retirement, as it was during his playing career.

  1. Taylor Swift (Legs: $40 million) 1

If the ‘Trouble’ singer ever damaged her famous pins, she certainly wouldn’t be able to shake it off. With a whopping $40m insurance premium, Taylor is covered should the worst happen during any of her demanding dance routines.

  1. Michael Flatley (Legs: $40 million) 1

As the popularity of Riverdance swept the globe, so did its star, Michael Flatley. In his prime the ‘Lord of the Dance’ was getting paid a staggering $1.6 million per week, entertaining thousands of people across the world. So, it’s understandable that the dancer took out this world record breaking leg insurance.

  1. Julia Roberts (Smile: $30 million) 1

A smile that first became famous after the release of the classic rom com, Pretty Woman; Julia Robert’s grin has helped audiences fall in love with her characters throughout her whole career. If something was to happen to those pearly whites, her cushy $30m premium would account for any lost future roles.

  1. America Ferrara (Teeth: $10 million) 1

The Ugly Betty star famously wore a brace in her break out role as hapless Betty, finding her feet in the New York fashion scene. However, America is nothing like her on screen character, and was soon snapped up by, Aquafresh as a brand ambassador. In fact, the toothpaste brand valued America’s teeth so much, that it took out a $10m insurance policy to protect them. 

  1. Daniel Craig (Body: $9.5 million) 1

The James Bond star isn’t a fan of using stunt doubles, so it’s understandable that he’s insured his whole body. Playing one of the most physically demanding roles in cinema, the actor has lost two teeth, split his head open, sliced the top of his finger off, and damaged both his knee and shoulder during filming the 007 series.

  1. Tom Jones (Chest hair: $7 million) 2

The Voice Coach and all round legend was (and possibly still is) one of the biggest sex symbols of his generation, and part of his appeal was his luscious chest hair. Tom rated his chest hair so much so that he decided to insure it, and is now the proud owner of the most valuable chest hair in the world. 


But are the insurance policies worth it? Nick Heath, Head of Insight at Make It Cheaper says: “When your income is based on your physical attributes, either sporting, musical or just aesthetically, it’s more than understandable that celebrities want to protect their livelihood with these huge insurance premiums, should they ever become damaged.


“Whether you’re a builder or a surgeon, if your income is based on the use of your body, and you suffer an injury or are struck down with illness, it’s crucial that you’re covered with the correct insurance to protect your livelihood.”