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BT Price Rises

BT Business prices are due to increase

BT, one of the key telecoms providers in the UK, has recently announced that it’ll be increasing prices across a range of services from next month. As well as hitting domestic customers, BT Business is also increasing rates, affecting commercial and SME customers.

What’s happening?

If you’re a BT customer, you may have already received a letter advising of the price rises – these started to go out at the end of January.

BT has announced two previous sets of hikes within approximately the last 18 months. The last announcement took place just six months ago.

The BT Business increases begun in early January 2017 with the cost of International Direct Dial calls increasing, but the majority have taken effect from 1st March. Products including broadband for business, Servicecare and Web hosting are all due to go up.

Summary of the charges

Typical increases across broadband equate to around £1-£4 monthly. Some examples are included below, however bear in mind there are several versions of each package:


BT Business Broadband Advance - £1.30 p/m

BT Business Broadband Advance Support - £1.60 p/m

BT Business Broadband Advance Support Fibre - £2.70 p/m

BT Business Broadband Office - £0.80 p/m

BT Business Broadband Office Unlimited - £1.20 p/m

BT Infinity for business Advance - £2.00 p/m


Call Option Fees

BT Business Complete call option fee w/out mobile and/or broadband - 12 or 24 month - £1.00 p/m

BT Business One Plan/BT Business One Plan Plus Inclusive £5,000 tier - £1.00 p/m

BT Business One Plan Traditional Inclusive £200 tier - £1.50 p/m



PSTN (including BT Business Value), Featureline, Embark, ISDN2 - £1.30 p/m

ISDN30 - £0.20


What does it mean for customers?

Ofcom introduced a new set of rules at the beginning of 2014 which meant that domestic telecoms customers would be entitled to cancel their contracts within 30 days of receiving notification of price increases.

The rule also extends to small businesses with no more than ten staff on contracts started after 23 January 2014 and as long as you weren’t warned of increases at the time of taking out the contract, you are eligible to exit early.

For a complete breakdown of all the BT Business hikes, check here.