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Five fantastic firms from the Sunday Times Fast Track 100

We've picked out five brilliant businesses that have made the latest edition of the table

The Christmas celebrations have started early at Make It Cheaper - we've made it into the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 for a third consecutive year.

This means we're still one of the fastest growing firms in the UK - and we think this is something to be proud of because more and more homes and businesses are saving money through our free service.

There are 99 other fantastic firms on the list, which show just how diverse and innovative business in this country really is. Here are five of our favourites:


Ranked: 11th

One of the few firms on the list that is making sales from food products, stands out for its brilliant simplicity.

The business sends healthy snack boxes to people's homes or work places in attractively-designed cardboard packaging - and all at a cost of £3.89. It's relatively cheap, cheerful and convenient, and people have rushed to take advantage of the service. With more than 300,000 boxes shipped every week, the company's sales hit £40.2 million this year.

Snapshot of

2. Cambridge Satchel Company

Ranked: 7th

The Cambridge Satchel Company is one of our favourites because of its small-scale origins. Julie Deane started the business in 2008 - designing and producing traditional satchels to fund her daughter's education - and success has arrived extremely quickly.

In 2010 the company's sales hit £0.6 million, but in 2013 they totalled a massive £12.9 million. It's no surprise to see Julie's business in the upper echelons of the Fast Track 100 given the rate of growth, and now that the Cambridge Satchel Company has gone international the future looks even brighter.

How The Cambridge Satchel Company has grown to become one of the most loved fashion brands in the UK today

3. Anesco

Ranked: 1st

Founded in 2010, energy efficiency specialist Anesco offers all manner of services to homes and businesses alike.

From consultancy and funding to maintenance and installations, the company is becoming a major player on the renewables scene.

Having helped more than 40,000 people out of fuel poverty, Anesco's drive to reduce the cost of energy is something that aligns their service with ours, albeit that we go about it in contrasting ways.

Anesco branding

4. BrewDog

Ranked: 38th

We're big fans of independent craft beer brewers at Make It Cheaper (we've written about them on our blog before) and BrewDog is a perfect example of what makes the industry great.

The company relies on fans and supporters buying shares to fund its growth, creating a strong bond between customers and the brand. It's a strategy that has raised millions of pounds, and BrewDog is set to open bars as far away as Sao Paulo and Tokyo as it continues to expand. Not bad for a venture started by two beer-loving friends back in 2007.

"We are Brew Dog": About the company and its mission

5. Pure Gym

Ranked: 23rd

Pure Gym's aim to make gym subscriptions as cheap and easy as possible is something that strongly appeals to us - after all, we're trying to do the same with energy, telecoms and a host of other services.

Its fitness centres are open 24/7, and with members not required to enter into a contract the focus is on keeping things simple for customers. With the added promise that anyone who stays a member will never see their prices increase, the gyms are proving hugely popular with the public - so much so that the company made £30.6 million last year.

"Inside Pure Gym": How the gym makes things simple and straightforward for its customers

Have you got a favourite Fast Track firm that hasn't made our list? Let us know in the comments section below!