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elXR Small Business Service

elXtr is one-stop online portal for small business (SMEs) to access a range of legal and business solutions.

Like Make It Cheaper, elXtr recognises the importance of SMEs to British industry and the fact that in many areas, they are hugely underserviced. Born out of the recognition of the lack of impartial advisory services in existence for SMEs, elXtr provides a whole host of legal resources including information on Data Protection, Health & Safety, Intellectual property, Trading & contracts and many, many more. All for the equivalent of the price of one cup of coffee a month!

With regulated law firm behind it, SME customers can be confident that it’s an investment well made. As well as being able to stay on top of the latest regulatory changes, elXtr could potentially save its customer thousands in steep legal fees, thanks to its many templates, guides and self-help tools putting SME owners totally in control.

Make It Cheaper are happy to recommend elXtr to our customers and recently, our CEO Jonathan Elliott has been taking part in The Game. Teamed with fellow SME owners, 2 teams face off in a chess-style set-up to answer industry-related questions to be crowned champions. Check out the trailer here.

Want to find out more about how you and your business could benefit from the elXtr service? Visit here.