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Creative business names in Leicester

As Make It Cheaper narrow down the hunt for Britain’s best business names, we take a look at what Leicester has on offer, and select some of our favourites.

Names are important – especially when running a small business. Having an unusual shop name can draw attention to your business and help it stand out from competition on the high street. As a result, this can help small businesses save money on marketing costs, as people are more inclined to remember a clever, or funny, business name.

At first glance, you may wonder “who’s Cate?” However, once you say this caterer’s business name out loud, then the pun becomes clear. The twist on the famous ‘Toys R Us’ name is an amusing way for the business to inform customers of the nature of its services, helping to convey a friendly image at the same time.

Logo for caterer in LeicesterButties
This one makes the list because of its sheer simplicity. The shop sells exactly what it says on the tin – or on the veranda in this case. Just picture yourself going to this shop for sandwiches. “Does anyone want a butty from butties?” It rolls off the tongue

Logo for sandwich shop in Leicester

Usually when a business tells you to ‘splash out’, your grip on your wallet gets tighter. But, with this tongue-in-cheek business name from a bathroom fitter, it works to raise a smile - and maybe loosen that grip a little. 

Logo for bathroom fitter in LeicesterShop 'fur' pets
If you haven’t already noticed, puns make for excellent shop names. Even something as simple as changing one letter can transform a business name, and bring it to life. 

Logo for pet shop in Leicester

Do you know of any creative business names in Leicester? Tweet us at @MakeItCheaper with your favourite or get yourself over to Britain’s Best Business Names and cast your vote for the country’s punniest business names.