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SMEs bemoan tax system as survey finds administration is costing £500m a year

01/10/2013 15:35:28 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
Britain's SMEs are reportedly spending £500 million a year on tax administration, with many forced to hire experts to ensure they're meeting requirements

RBS urges Britain's small businesses to push for growth by targeting export markets in Brazil, Mexico and Taiwan

20/09/2013 09:37:16 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
An RBS report claims that Britain's SMEs are missing out on potentially lucrative export markets - particularly in Mexico, Taiwan and Brazil

Grimsey Vs. Portas: The battle for the future of Britain's high streets

06/09/2013 09:36:40 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
Bill Grimsey and Mary Portas have criticised each other's plans to resurrect Britain's high streets, but whose model is likely to have the biggest impact?

North vs. South: Honours even as Newcastle and Brighton lead SME growth

29/08/2013 16:54:07 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
Report about the latest figures, which show that Newcastle and Brighton have both seen a 24% rise in microbusinesses over the past year.

Older and bolder: increasing number of over-65s are self-employed

30/07/2013 09:51:40 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
There's been a rise in the number of over-65s who run their own business. Is the older generation outshining its younger counterparts?

Life's a beach: heatwave brings seaside business boom

24/07/2013 09:13:58 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
With coastal resorts across the country having enjoyed a bustling weekend, how big an impact the heatwave has had on the fortunes of their businesses?

Government standards provide a great marketing opportunity for food businesses

19/07/2013 16:45:26 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
The Food Standards Agency's hygiene rating system shouldn't be seen as a source of hassle. Instead, it provides a chance to boost your business's image.

Nearly half of UK charities may be giving too much money to the taxman

01/02/2013 15:00:30 by Kevin Gill | Category: SME News
Blog explaining that many UK charities are not aware they are entitled to VAT of 5% for their energy bills. Their suppliers often don't know either.



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