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How will Ofcom’s new rules affect your phone and broadband switch?

17/09/2014 12:50:20 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
New rules introduced by Ofcom on 20th September 2014 will make it easier for small businesses to switch their phone and broadband provider. Here's how.

BT’s prices are about to go up – and the clock is ticking if you want to switch with impunity

28/07/2014 17:09:49 by Jonathan Elliott | Categories: Opinion and comment , SME News
Make It Cheaper CEO and founder Jonathan Elliott explains why BT's business customers need to act quickly to beat an imminent price rise.

Government launches cyber security aid to help SMEs do their business online

16/01/2014 16:47:19 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
With the internet becoming increasingly vital for small businesses, the government has launched a site designed to help SMEs improve their cyber security.

Ofgem stats show 40% of SMEs haven't switched supplier in the past 5 years

13/01/2014 10:36:02 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
Figures released by Ofgem have revealed the extent to which small businesses are engaging with the energy market, with many failing to switch their supplier

Happy days as surveys show business optimism is on the rise

08/01/2014 17:01:46 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
A number of surveys have revealed that business confidence is on the rise - but energy continues to be seen as a niggling issue. Read the full article here.

Energy bills ruin Christmas as nurseries forced to put an end to festive flower production

15/11/2013 16:49:34 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
British nurseries would ordinarily grow poinsettias in anticipation of Christmas, but this year many have been forced to stop due to high energy bills.

From Clicks to Bricks: how the internet is rejuvenating the high street

13/11/2013 10:51:39 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
With a number of online-only retailers broadening their horizons on the high street, it seems the internet is helping to revive brick and mortar stores

The invasion of Hinkley Point: French and Chinese set to land with nuclear arsenal

24/10/2013 13:17:14 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: SME News
EDF Energy has agreed a deal with the British government to build a nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point. Critics say this will lead to higher energy bills



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