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Energy prices rise eight times quicker than average person's salary

18/11/2013 15:39:21 by Scott Byrom | Category: Consumer news and advice
Citizens Advice has revealed that energy prices have increased eight times faster than people's wages since 2010, with many struggling to pay their bills

Wholesale costs and mega profits: Why do UK energy prices keep on rising?

30/10/2013 09:35:51 by Dan O'Sullivan | Categories: Consumer news and advice , Opinion and comment
Ofgem data has cast doubt on the idea that wholesale costs are to blame for the rate at which energy prices are rising - so what's the real reason?

Energy price rises: the story so far

21/10/2013 10:37:30 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: Consumer news and advice
Three of the Big Six energy suppliers have now increased their charges - and they've been on the receiving end of some strong criticism as a result.

Twitter talk and tabloid headlines: energy price rises hit home

18/10/2013 11:45:33 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: Consumer news and advice
News that British Gas will be increasing energy prices prompted a furious response, with even Gary Lineker getting involved

British Gas announces 9.2% increase in energy prices

17/10/2013 10:26:42 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: Consumer news and advice
Energy giant British Gas has announced that domestic energy bills are set to increase by an average of 9.2%

Energy prices are set to go up, so why is the number of people switching electricity supplier at a record low?

01/10/2013 08:57:57 by Jonathan Elliott | Categories: Consumer news and advice , Opinion and comment
Blog post questioning why, according to DEFRA figures, energy switching levels are falling despite the expectation that prices will keep going up.

Consumer chief Richard Lloyd shows it’s never too late to become a switcher

06/08/2013 08:47:28 by Kevin Gill | Category: Consumer news and advice
Which? chief executive Richard Lloyd admits he failed to tackle his energy bills until the organisation's campaign sparked him into action

Why bad news about energy prices should prompt consumer action

02/08/2013 12:11:46 by Jonathan Elliott | Category: Consumer news and advice
With energy suppliers continuing to post impressive profits, are consumers in danger of becoming numb to the cost of household bills?



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