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Broadband: Your guide to switching

Follow our steps to switching to ensure you end up on the best broadband deal for your business.

So, you've decided to shop around for a new broadband contract for your business.  Smart move.  But what should you be looking out for and how can you be sure you’re getting the best deal?

If your last broadband contract has already expired, you could be paying as much as 38%* more than you need to.  Follow our steps to switching to ensure you end up on the best broadband deal for your business.

Steps to switching business broadband

  1. Check whether you are still in contract

Your first port of call should be to check whether you are still in contract or not.  Most business broadband contracts last two years.  If your contract has already expired, look to switch as quickly as possible to avoid paying over-inflated rates.  If your broadband provider increases their prices mid-contract without prior agreement, you are also free to switch supplier as long as you notify your supplier within 30 days.

  1. Understand your business requirements

Do you need a static IP address?  - This is necessary if your business hosts its own server or website, or staff need to connect to applications remotely.

What speed service do you require?  - If you’re hosting a website, you’ll need a decent upload speed

What level of customer support do you need?  - If your business is dependent on its internet connection, 24/7 customer support is important should something go wrong.

Ensure you know your requirements to ensure you get the best deal for your business.

  1. Check for additional costs

Make sure you know what your contract covers.  Broadband providers may charge for the following, so check the small print carefully before signing:

  • Set-up fees
  • Charges for exceeding download capacities
  • Helpline call charges
  • Late payment fees
  • Non-direct debit fees
  • Contract termination fees
  1. Use the services of a Third Party Intermediary (TPI)

At Make It Cheaper we have an expert panel of advisers who will listen to your business requirements and find the best broadband deal for your needs.  As well as saving you time and money, we offer a guaranteed minimum broadband speed, a fixed price for the duration of your contract, and we’ll deal with the supplier on your behalf

Changes to broadband regulation

The good news is that there is now more protection than ever before for both business and domestic broadband customers.  Suppliers now need to provide realistic details of the broadband speeds they offer. If they fail to meet guaranteed speeds, you are entitled to file a complaint and, if they can’t resolve the problem within 30 days, you can opt to change supplier without penalty.

To find out more about business broadband, read our guide to broadband for small businesses.



*Out of contract: 38% is the increase between £21.34 and £29.41 and 19% is the increase between £29.65 and £35.16. In contract: £20.62 – £19.50 = £1.12 and £28.61 – £28.07 = 54p. Taken from uSwitch.