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Your business tip of the month: Bookmark the Internet for later

Hate having to type out long website addresses? Well, here's the solution.

Adding bookmarks to your Internet toolbar is a satisfying way of saving yourself time and hassle when you surf the web.

It’s really easy - and means you can reach commonly visited places like your online banking, social media sites and industry news pages in just one click of the mouse.

So, spruce up your toolbar and stop typing out the same, long website address over and over again.

This month’s blog shows you how to add bookmarks to various Internet browsers - and even organise them into folders on your bookmark toolbar.

The good news is that this tip can apply to any browser that you use - even those on your smartphone or tablet.

Add bookmarks to your Internet browser

Step 1

Open your Internet browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and go to the webpage you want to bookmark.

Step 2

Make sure your bookmark toolbar is open.

Google Chrome

Click on the menu button at the top right, open the bookmarks sub-menu and select ‘Show bookmarks bar’.

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Click on the ‘Tools’ menu at the upper right of the window, open the ‘Toolbars’ sub-menu and make sure that the ‘Favourites Bar’ is ticked.

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Click on the bookmarks button near the top right of your window, open the ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’ sub-menu and make sure that ‘View Bookmarks Toolbar’ is ticked.

Mozilla Firefox

Now we're going to continue explaining bookmarks in Internet Explorer - that's because all of the other browsers follow the same steps.

Step 3

Hover your mouse over the page symbol - you’ll see this on the left of the address bar. Then, click and hold down on your left mouse button.

Hovering mouse

Step 4

Drag your pointer from the page symbol to your bookmark toolbar and release.

When you let go, the webpage will appear as a link on your toolbar.

Dragged to toolbar

Step 5

The bookmark will be given a default page name – this could be quite long and not very helpful – as you can see, is called ‘Sign In’ which doesn’t exactly tell you much. If you want to change the name, simply right click on the bookmark and select ‘Rename’. Once changed, even the name of the bookmark is helpful.

Change name

Step 6

Whenever you want to go back to that webpage, just click on the link.


Organise bookmarks into folders

Bookmark folders might not be for everyone, but they can be handy if you browse similar websites frequently. Say you visit BBC News, Sky News, The Independent and The Sun every day, it might be worth sticking their bookmarks in a folder called ‘News’. Likewise, a folder called ‘Social Media’ might be worthwhile if you have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

Step 1

Right click your mouse on a bookmarked website. Select ‘New Folder’ (or ‘Add Folder…’ in Google Chrome).

New folder

Step 2

You'll be prompted to name your folder. Name it and continue.

Name folder

Step 3

Now, simply click on and drag the relevant bookmarked webpage into the folder.

Drag into folder

Step 4

Any time you want to access this webpage, just open the folder and click on the bookmarked website you want.

Bookmark in a folder

If you fancy taking it another step further, you can even move bookmark folders into other bookmark folders to add an extra level of organisation (if you're that cool).

Folder within a folder