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A New Year’s resolution to get your business off to a flyer in 2013

Why you should apply a popular New Year's resolution to your business

Ask someone what their New Year's resolution is for 2013 and the chances are it will have something to do with improving their health, love life or finances.

If it's to do with finances itmightbe a resolution that will help them accumulate more money - but it's much more likely to be a resolution that has something to do with saving money.

And by 'saving' they're probably not talking about putting more money into a building society, they're talking about stopping unnecessary spending.

The main reason why this resolution makes it onto so many people's lists is that there are many relatively easy ways to save money and the rewards for doing so are very appealing: it effectively means there is more money left over for people to spend on things they really want. So, instead of spending unnecessarily on, say, lunches and phone calls, they can spend much more willingly on, say, clothes and holidays.

A tough year ahead

Well, if you're a business owner who's planning to save money in 2013, make sure you apply the resolution to both your personal life and your business life. The rewards are similarly compelling because every pound you save effectively goes straight to profit that can be taken out of the company - but if anything there's even more incentive to save because doing so provides an opportunity to help your business grow and face new challenges head-on.

Saving money is a popular New Year's resolution because it's something that you know you should do but have been putting off for much too long for no good reason. Now's the time to seize the moment.

Going into the New Year, the economy remains in a parlous state (some commentators are predicting a triple-dip recession), energy prices are only going one way (it isn't down) and a complicated (and potentially expensive) new compliance issue looms with the government requiring payroll information to be communicated in real time.

There was some encouraging news for businesses in the recent Autumn statement - and the Federation of Small Businesses recently reported that optimism is higher this New Year than it has been for the previous two - but one thing remains certain in 2013: it isn't going to be easy.

Putting it off

Another reason why saving money is such a popular New Year's resolution is that it has the classic resolution characteristic of being something that you know you should do but have been putting off for much too long for no good reason.

For example, you may know full well that you could reduce many of your bills by shopping around for new contracts, but that doesn't necessarily mean you make it happen. Well, it's now January and it's time to seize the moment.

The good news is that doing this kind of thing for your business through Make It Cheaper will cost you little time and cause you little hassle. You can use our free, impartial service to reduce the price you pay for business gas, business electricity, business broadband, business landline, business mobile and chip and pin payments. Our sister company Make It Cheaper Financial Services can also source new insurance policies for your business from a range of providers.

The amount you can save will depend on the nature of your business and your current contracts - but let's say it's £3,000. That's £3,000 that can get your New Year off to a great start and help you meet the challenges of 2013, whatever they may be.