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An open letter to The Apprentice winner Leah Totton

18/07/2013 13:31:54 by Kevin Gill | Category: Small business advice
After winning the Apprentice, Leah Totton has her masterplan worked out. But, we have an important business tip to impress upon the entrepreneur.

Pig wings and chicken trotters? Know your stuff to win customers

17/07/2013 17:18:27 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: Small business advice
The Freedom Food campaign aims to ensure consumers hold farmers to high standards. There's a valuable lesson for small businesses, writes Dan O'Sullivan.

Food for thought: making the most of summer business

17/07/2013 08:12:46 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: Small business advice
Summer is a time for great food, barbecues and al fresco fun - so it’s a crucial time for all businesses in the food industry, writes Dan O’Sullivan.

Building brand Murray: how businesses can learn from the rise of Britain’s No 1 tennis player

04/07/2013 15:30:41 by Dan O'Sullivan
Andy Murray's rise to popularity has been a slow burn. But as Dan O'Sullivan suggests, there are things that British businesses can learn from his career.

Are guest beers key to boosting pubs' fortunes?

04/07/2013 09:05:04 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: Opinion and comment
Would being allowed to have one guest beer make a difference to the fortunes of pubs that are obliged to sell drinks prescribed by powerful suppliers?

"Excessive" card transaction fees continue to damage retailers' profits

06/06/2013 09:47:30 by Kevin Gill
It's expensive for retailers to accept card payments, but are they minimising the negative effects on their profits?

Five business lessons from David Beckham's football career

17/05/2013 13:30:16 by Kevin Gill | Category: Business inspiration
Five things business people can learn from the footballing career of David Beckham, who retired from playing on 16th May 2013.

Are small businesses clued up on smart meters?

09/05/2013 16:42:16 by Kevin Gill | Category: Small business advice
New research suggests that only around 1 in 10 small and medium-sized business is already using smart meters. Are the other nine missing a route to profit?



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