The search is on for UK businesses to star in new television documentary

18/01/2013 14:10:05 by Kevin Gill | Category: SME News
A production company is searching for businesses to star in a new television documentary series on the BBC. Find out how to apply.

How to turn your talent or hobby into a business [Infographic]

11/01/2013 12:05:28 by Dan O'Sullivan | Category: Business inspiration
Infographic detailing how to turn your talent, passion or hobby into a viable business model.

Top 5 tips for getting paid

09/01/2013 12:21:09 by Chris Cole | Category: Small business advice
Top 5 tips for getting paid from Make It Cheaper's Managing Director. Call us on 0800 970 0077 to save money for your business.

Marketing lessons from Adam Pacitti, the 'Please Give Me a Job' guy

04/01/2013 17:35:18 by Kevin Gill | Category: Opinion and comment
Blog post about what small business owners can learn from Adam Pacitti, whose video CV went viral in January 2013.

A New Year’s resolution to get your business off to a flyer in 2013

03/01/2013 16:28:45 by Kevin Gill | Category: Business inspiration
Blog post about saving money to get your business off to a head start in 2013. Call Make It Cheaper on 0800 900 0077 to see how much your business can save.

Top 5 tips for interviewing

02/01/2013 15:45:45 by Chris Cole | Category: Small business advice
Top 5 tips for interviewing potential employees, from Make It Cheaper's Managing Director, Chris Cole.

Five reasons to make sure your business is insured this Christmas

18/12/2012 11:53:08 by Kevin Gill
Blog outlining reasons why risk is higher for businesses at Christmas. Call Make It Cheaper Financial Services on 0800 970 0077 for new commercial quotes.

Business energy: the only way is up!

17/12/2012 15:36:08
A look at the factors that influence energy price rises and drive costs higher for SMEs. What's in store for the future and what can you do to combat it?



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