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Energy market analysis March 2019

Find out why gas prices are falling, the UK’s plans to reduce our carbon footprint and the impact of cooler temperatures on power prices.

How to improve the work-life balance of your staff

A healthy work-life balance is extremely important for your staff productivity, turnover and loyalty. So, how do you ensure this is maintained everyday?

Business Risk Management Guide

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Utilitywise goes bust, leaving 40,000 SMEs without switching support

Another switching provider goes bust. So, how do you protect yourself from this in the future?

Four things SMEs should focus on in 2019

There are many opportunities to improve your business growth. Here’s four you should focus on in 2019.

Could a no-deal Brexit cause SMEs to break the law?

Why a no-deal Brexit could result in SMEs being unable to afford insurance.

A Guide for SMEs Seeking Finance

Find out the most popular ways businesses are funding their growth today.

Five ways to save energy (and money) without doing any work

Discover the technologies that you can implement to reduce your energy spend and cut your businesses gas and electricity costs. Read more with Make It Cheaper.

Is it safe to switch to a smaller business energy supplier?

Is it safe to switch to a supplier outside of the Big Six? And how would your business cope if its energy supplier went bust? Find out here.

Your energy market update 2019

Find out about the current climate of the energy market and whether its time for you to switch providers. Discover more with Make It Cheaper